Speakers & Sessions

Keynote Address
Dr. Paul Messina, Department of Energy, DP-15, Washington, DC

Session 1 - PLENARY
1a - Meshing Quality (Invited)
Pat Knupp - Sandia National Laboratories

1b - Elliptic Grid Control on a Discrete Level
Peter Niederdrenk, Olaf Brodersen - DLR Institute for Fluid Dynamics & Design Aerodynamics

1c - Constrained Triangulation: Application to Hex-Dominant Mesh Generation
Steven J. Owen - Ansys, Inc.

Session 2A - Software Engineering
2a1 - Isolating Geometry in Mesh Programming
R. Bruce Simpson - University of Waterloo

2a2 - Simultaneous Mesh Generation and Partitioning for Delaunay Meshes
Nikos Chrisochoides, Démian Nave - University of Notre Dame

2a3 - Parallel Advancing Front Grid Generation
Rainald Löhner, Juan R. Cebral - George Mason University, Computational Sciences & Informatics

2a4 - Mesh Association: Formulation and Algorithms
Xiangmin Jiao, Herbert Edelsbrunner, Michael T. Heath - University of Illinois

Session 2B - Triangular/Tetrahedral Meshing I
2b1 - Biting Spheres in 3D
Xiang-Yang Li, Shang-Hua Teng, Alper Üngör - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2b2 - Biting Ellipses to Generate Anisotropic Mesh
Xiang-Yang Li, Shang-Hua Teng, Alper Üngör - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2b3 - On Adaptive Mesh Generation in Two-Dimensions
E. F. D'Azevedo - Oakridge National Laboratory

2b4 - Three-dimensional Constrained Delaunay Triangulation: a Minimalist Approach
Paulo Roma Cavalcanti - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Ulisses T. Mello - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
Discussion and issues for Birds of a Feather Session:
Mesh Quality, Geometry, Hex Meshing, Tet Meshing, Structured Meshing

Session 3 - Plenary II
3a - Tet Meshing - (Invited)
Paul Louis George - Inria, Inc.

3b - Adaptive Hybrid Grid Methods
Aly Khawaja, Tommy Minyard, Yannis Kallinderis - University of Texas at Austin

3c - Gridgen's Implementation of Partial Differential Equation Based Structured Grid Generation Methods
John Steinbrenner, John Chawner - Pointwise, Inc.

Session 4A - Structured and Overset Grids
4a1 - A Deformation Method for Moving Grid Generation
Guojun Liao, Gary de la Peña, - University of Texas at Arlington
Guojao Liao - East Los Angeles College

4a2 - The Applications of an Unstructured Grid Based Overset Grid Scheme to Applied Aerodynamics
Thomas C. Wey - Hernandez Engineering Inc.

4a3 - Generation of Quad-and Hex-Dominant Semistructured Meshes Using an Advancing Layer Scheme
David S. Thompson, Bharat K. Soni - Missippi State University

4a4 - A Multi-Block Orthogonal Grid Generation Using CAD System
Vladimir V. Chudanov, Anna E. Aksenova, Valerii A. Pervichko, Alexander G. Churbanov, Irina G. Plotnikova, Vladimir V. Varenkov, Petr N. Vabishchevich - Nuclear Safety Institute, Moscow

Session 4B - Tri/Tet II
4b1 - A Direct Smoothing Method for Surface Meshes
Bala Balendran - CAE PBU, Unigraphics Solutions

4b2 - How to Subdivide Pyramids, Prisms and Hexahedra into Tetrahedra
Julien Dompierre, Paul Labbé, Marie-Gabrielle Vallet, Ricardo Camarero - CERCA, Canada

4b3 - LEPP-Delaunay Algorithm: a Robust Tool for Producing Size-Optimal Quality Triangulations
Maria-Cecilia Rivara, Nancy Hitschfeld - University of Chile

4b4 - Controlling 2D Voronoi-Segment Methods
Harri Hakula - Helsinki University of Technology

Session 5A - Mesh Quality
5a1 - Asymptotic Behavior of the Average of the Adjacencies of the Topological Entities in Some Simple Partitions
Angel Plaza - University of Las Palmas de Gran Cararia

5a2 - Simple Mesh Examples to Illustrate Specific Finite Element Mesh Requirements
Peter Fleischmann, Robert Kosik, Siegfried Selberherr - Institute for Microelectronics, Austria

5a3 - Tetrahedral Element Shape Optimization via the Jacobian Determinant and Condition Number
Lori A. Freitag - Argonne National Laboratory,
Patrick M. Knupp - Sandia National Laboratories

5a4 - Evaporation: a Technique for Visualizing Mesh Quality
Lisa Durbeck - University of Utah

Session 5B - Geometry
5b1 - Volume Decomposition and Feature Recognition for Hexahedral Mesh Generation
Yong Lu, Rajit Gadh - University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Timothy J. Tautges - Sandia National Laboratories

5b2 - Clustering Large Number of Faces for 2-Dimensional Mesh Generation
Keisuke Inoue, Takayuki Itoh, Atsushi Yamada, Tomotake Furuhata - IBM Japan Ltd.,
Kenji Shimada - Carnegie Mellon University

5b3 - Design Optimization by Incremental Modification of Model Topology
Cecil G. Armstrong, Barry Bradley - The Queen's University, Ireland

5b4 - Methods and Algorithms of Automated CAD Repair for Incremental Surface Meshing
Andrey A. Mezentsev - Swiss Center for Scientific Computer, Switzerland,
Thomas Woehler - FhG-IPK, Germany

Session 6A - Applications
6a1 - Grid Adaptation for Gas Dynamic and Astrophysical Flows
Igor E. Ivanov, Igor A. Kryukov, Nikolai V. Pogorelov - Moscow Aviation Institute

6a2 - From Medical Images to CFD Meshes
J. R. Cebral, Rainald Löhner - George Mason University

6a3 - Tracking the Front of Moving Boundaries Using Grid Generation Techniques
Anwei Liu, Matthias Horlacher - Silvaco International

6a4 - A Reproducible Approach to Unstructured Mesh Generation for Shallow Water Models
Scott C. Hagen, Robert J. Bennett - University of Central Florida,
Olaf Horstmann - Brandenburg Technolgical University, Germany

6B - Quadrilateral/Hexahedral Meshing
6b1 - Automatic Remeshing with Hexahedral Elements: Problems, Solutions and Applications
Peter Kraft - Femutec GmbH, Germany

6b2 - Unstructured 20-Node Brick Element Meshing
Guido D. Dhondt - MTU, Germany

6b3 - A Method for Controlling Skew on Linked Surfaces
Robert A. Kerr, Steven E. Benzley - Brigham Young University,
David White, Scott Mitchell - Sandia National Laboratories

6b4 - The Graft Tool: An All-Hexahedral Transition Algorithm for Creating a Multi-Directional Swept Volume Mesh
Steven R. Jankovich, Steven E. Benzley - Brigham Young University,
Jason F. Shepherd, Scott A. Mitchell - Sandia National Laboratories

Session 7 - Plenary III
7a - Industrial Applications (invited)
Harley Wattrick - Ford Motor Co.

7b - Unstructured Surface Grid Generation Using Global Mapping and Physical Space Approximation
David L. Marcum, J. Adam Gaither - Mississippi State University

7c - Curvilinear Mesh Generation in 3D
Saikat Dey - SFA Inc.,
Robert M. O'Bara, Mark S. Shephard - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Panel Discussion
Mesh Quality, Geometry, Hex Meshing, Tet Meshing, Structured Meshing