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9th International Meshing Roundtable

October 2-5, 2000
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories

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Special Journal Edition

A special edition of the journal Engineering With Computers was published with selected papers from the 9th International Meshing Roundtable. The following is a link to the publishers Table of Contents for this edition.

Engineering With Computers
Vol 17. Issue 3 (2001)

Keynote Address

    Dr. Oubay Hassan
    University of Wales, Swansea, UK

Session 1 - PLENARY I

    1a - Meeting the Challenge for Automated Hexahedral Meshing (invited)

    1b - Semi-Structured Mesh Generation Based on Medial Axis

    1c - Fast Surface Meshing on Imperfect CAD Models

    1d - Improved Cell Size and Grading In Guaranteed Quality Triangular and Tetrahedral Meshes

Session 2A - Hexahedral Meshing

    2a1 - Polyhedral Mesh Generation

    2a2 - The Cleave and Fill Tool: An All-Hexahedral Refinement Algorithm for Swept Meshes

      Michael Borden, Steven Benzley, Scott A. Mitchell, David R. White and Ray Meyers
      Brigham Young University and Sandia National Laboratories
      Abstract | Download Postscript (248 KB)

    2a3 - Methods for Multisweep Automation

      Jason Shepherd, Scott A. Mitchell, Patrick Knupp, and David White
      Sandia National Laboratories
      Abstract | Download Postscript (1001 KB)

    2a4 - Hexahedral Mesh Generation Using Multi-Axis Cooper Algorithm

Session 2B - Adaptive Methods

    2b1 - An Approach for Generating Meshes Similar to A Reference Mesh

      Atsushi Yamada, Keisuke Inoue, Takayuki Itoh and Kenji Shimada
      IBM Japan, Ltd. and Carnegie Mellon University
      Abstract | Download Postscript (303 KB)

    2b2 - Tent-Pitcher: A Meshing Algorithm for Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

    2b3 - About Surface Remeshing

    2b4 - Level Sets as Input for Hybrid Mesh Generation

    2b5 - Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Electromagnetic Problems

      Alejandro Diaz-Morcillo, Luis Nuńo, Juan V. Balbastre and David Sánchez-Hernández
      Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain
      Abstract | Download PDF (781 KB)

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

    • Mesh Quality - Scott Canann, Object Reservoir
    • Adaptive Methods - Randy Lober, Sandia National Laboratories
    • Geometry - Glen McCann, SDRC
    • Tetrahedral Meshing - Paul-Louis George, INRIA
    • Hexahedral Meshing - Scott Mitchell, Sandia National Laboratories
    • Surface Meshing - David Marcum, Mississippi State University
    • Parallel Meshing - Nikos Chrisochoides, William and Mary
Session 3 - Plenary II

    3a - Efficient Generation of High Quality Unstructured Surface and Volume Grids (invited)

    3b - Surface Parameterization For Meshing by Triangulation Flattening

    3c - Hexahedral Mesh Untangling & Algebraic Mesh Quality Metrics

Session 4A - Structured/Hexahedral Meshing

    4a1 - Automatic Block Decomposition Using Fuzzy Logic Analysis

    4a2 - Adaptive High-Aspect Ratio Structured 2-D Grids

      Vladimir Tishkin and Konstantin Bogomolov Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University
      Abstract | Download Postscript (947 KB)

    4a3 - Some Experiences On Orthogonal Grid Generation

Session 4B - Surface Meshing

    4b1 - Minimal Variational Surfaces and Quality Triangular Meshes

      Houman Borouchaki, Pascal Lafon, Patrick Laug and Paul-Louis George
      Universiti de Technologie de Troyes and INRIA, France
      Abstract | Download Postscript (2640 KB)

    4b2 - Quadrilateral Meshing with Anisotropy and Directionality Control via Close Packing of Rectangular Cells

      Naveen Viswanath, Kenji Shimada, Takayuki Itoh
      Carnegie Mellon University and IBM Research
      Abstract | Download PDF (1050 KB)

    4b3 - LayTracks: A New Approach To Automated Quadrilateral Mesh Generation using MAT

      W. R. Quadros, K. Ramaswami, F. B. Prinz and B.Gurumoorthy
      Indian Institute of Science and Stanford University
      Abstract | Download Postscript (403 KB)
Session 5A - Triangle/Tetrahedral Meshing

    5a1 - A Point Creation Strategy for Mesh Generation Using Crystal Lattices as Templates

      Ulisses T. Mello and Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
      IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
      Abstract | Download Postscript (293 KB)

    5a2 - High Quality Anisotropic Tetrahedral Mesh Generation Via Ellipsoidal Bubble Packing

    5a3 - Tessellations of Cuboids with Steiner Points

    5a4 - A New Approach Towards Delaunay-Conformity in 3 Dimensions

Session 5B - Mesh Quality, Smoothing and Optimization

    5b1 - Spacing Control and Sliver-free Delaunay Mesh

    5b2 - How far flipping can go towards 3D conforming/constrained triangulation

    5b3 - The Behavior of Partial Derivatives From a Truncation Error Analysis Of Shallow Water Equations of Momentum

    5b4 - A Simple and Effective Mesh Quality Metric for Hexahedral and Wedge Elements

Session 6A - Geometry/Data Structures

    6a1 - The Common Geometry Module (CGM): A Generic, Extensible Geometry Interface

    6a2 - Algorithm Oriented Mesh Database

      Jean-Francois Remacle, B. Kaan Karamete and Mark S. Shephard
      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
      Abstract | Download Postscript (122 KB)

    6a3 - A Generic CAD-Mesh Interface

      Silvio Merazzi, Edgar A. Gerteisen and Andrey Mezentsev
      SMR SA, DaimlerChrysler AG and University of Wales
      Abstract | Download Postscript (316 KB)
Session 6B - Mesh Smoothing and Optimization

    6b1 - An Angle-Based Approach to Two-Dimensional Mesh Smoothing

    6b2 - Generation of Volume Meshes by Extrusion from Surface Meshes of Arbitrary Topology

    6b3 - Force-Directed Methods for Smoothing Unstructured Triangular and Tetrahedral Meshes

Session 7 - Plenary III

    7a - Application of Meshing at Caterpillar

      Charlie Sieck (invited speaker)

    7b - Approximate Quality Mesh Generation Based on Small Edge Details

      Bruce Simpson, Nancy Hitschfeld and Maria-Cecilia Rivara
      University of Waterloo, ETH-Zürich and University of Chile
      Abstract | Download Postscript (100 KB)

    7c - Hexahedral Mesh Generation for the Simulation of the Human Mandible

      Cornelia Kober and Matthias Muller-Hannemann
      Technische Universität Munchen and Technische Universität Berlin
      Abstract | Download Postscript (798 KB)

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