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8th International Meshing Roundtable

October 10-13, 1999
South Lake Tahoe, California

Sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories

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Special Journal Edition

A special edition of the journal Computer Aided Design was published with selected papers from the 8th International Meshing Roundtable. The following is a link to the publishers Table of Contents for this edition.

gKeynote Address - The Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative

    Dr. Paul Messina,
    Department of Energy, DP-15
    Washington, DC

gSession 1 - PLENARY I

    1a - Matrix Norms & The Condition Number: A General Framework to Improve Mesh Quality Via Node-Movement

    1b - Elliptic Grid Control on a Discrete Level

    1c - Constrained Triangulation: Application to Hex-Dominant Mesh Generation

gSession 2A - Software Engineering

    2a1 - Isolating Geometry in Mesh Programming

    2a2 - Simultaneous Mesh Generation and Partitioning for Delaunay Meshes

    2a3 - Parallel Advancing Front Grid Generation

    2a4 - Mesh Association: Formulation and Algorithms

gSession 2B - Triangular/Tetrahedral Meshing I

    2b1 - Biting Spheres in 3D

    2b2 - Biting Ellipses to Generate Anisotropic Mesh

    2b3 - On Adaptive Mesh Generation in Two-Dimensions

    2b4 - Three-Dimensional Constrained Delaunay Triangulation: a Minimalist Approach

      Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
      Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
      Ulisses T. Mello
      IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
      Abstract | Download Postscript (396 KB)

gBirds-of-a-Feather Sessions

    • Mesh Quality
    • Geometry
    • Hex Meshing
    • Tet Meshing
    • Structured Meshing
gSession 3 - Plenary II

    3a - Tet Meshing (Invited)

    3c - Gridgen's Implementation of Partial Differential Equation Based Structured Grid Generation Methods

gSession 4A - Structured and Overset Grids

    4a1 - A Deformation Method for Moving Grid Generation

      Guojun Liao
      East Los Angeles College
      Gary de la Pena
      University of Texas at Arlington
      Abstract | Download PDF (996 KB)

    4a2 - The Application of an Unstructured Grid Based Overset Grid Scheme to Applied Aerodynamics

    4a3 - Generation of Quad and Hex Dominant Semistructured Meshes Using an Advancing Layer Scheme

    4a4 - A Multi-Block Orthogonal Grid Generation Using CAD System

      Vladimir V. Chudanov, Anna E. Aksenova, Valeri A. Pervichko, Alexander G. Churbanov
      Irina G. Plotnika, Vladimir V. Varenkov, Petr N. Vabishchevich
      Nuclear Safety Institute, Moscow
      Abstract | Download PDF (730 KB)
gSession 4B - Tri/Tet II

    4b1 - A Direct Smoothing Method for Surface Meshes

    4b2 - How to Subdivide Pyramids, Prisms, and Hexahedra into Tetrahedra

    4b3 - LEPP - Delaunay Algorithm: a Robust Tool for Producing Size-Optimal Quality Triangulations

    4b4 - Controlling 2D Voronoi-Segment Methods

gSession 5A - Mesh Quality

    5a1 - Asymptotic Behavior of the Average of the Adjacencies of the Topological Entities in Some Simplex Partitions

    5a2 - Simple Mesh Examples to Illustrate Specific Finite Element Mesh Requirements

      Peter Fleischmann, Robert Kosik, Siegfried Selberherr
      Institute for Microelectronics, Austria
      Abstract | Download Postscript (3179 KB)

    5a3 - Tetrahedral Element Shape Optimization via the Jacobian Determinant and Condition Number

    5a4 - Evaporation: a Technique for Visualizing Mesh Quality

gSession 5B - Geometry

    5b1 - Volume Decomposition and Feature Recognition for Hexahedral Mesh Generation

      Yong Lu, Raji Gadh
      University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Timothy J. Tautges
      Sandia National Laboratories
      Abstract | Download PDF (374 KB)

    5b2 - Clustering Large Number of Faces for 2-Dimensional Mesh Generation

      Keisuke Inoue, Takayuki Itoh, Atsushi Yamada, Tomotake Furuhata
      IBM Japan Ltd.
      Kenji Shimada
      Carnegie Mellon University
      Abstract | Download Postscript (636 KB)

    5b3 - Design Optimization by Incremental Modification of Model Topology

      Cecil G. Armstrong, Barry Bradley
      The Queen's University, Ireland
      Abstract | Download PDF (124 KB)

    5b4 - Methods and Algorithms of Automated CAD Repair for Incremental Surface Meshing

      Andre A. Mezentsev
      Swiss Center for Scientific Computer, Switzerland
      Thomas Woehler
      FhG-IPK, Germany
      Abstract | Download Postscript (346 KB)
gSession 6A - Applications

    6a1 - Grid Adaptation for Gas Dynamic and Astrophysical Flows

    6a2 - From Medical Images to CFD Meshes

    6a3 - Tracking the Front of Moving Boundaries Using Grid Generation Techniques

    6a4 - A Reproducible Approach to Unstructured Mesh Generation for Shallow Water Models

      Scott C. Hagen, Robert J. Bennet
      University of Central Florida
      Olaf Horstmann
      Brandenburg Technological University, Germany
      Abstract | Download Postscript (440 KB)
gSession 6B - Quadrilateral/Hexahedral Meshing

    6b1 - Automated Remeshing with Hexahedral Elements: Problems, Solutions, and Applications

    6b2 - Unstructured 20-Node Brick Element Meshing

    6b3 - A Method for Controlling Skew on Linked Surfaces

      Robert A. Kerr, Steven E. Benzley
      Brigham Young University
      David White, Scott Mitchell
      Sandia National Laboratories
      Abstract | Download Postscript (146 KB)

    6b4 - The Graft Tool: An All-Hexahedral Transition Algorithm for Creating a Multi-Directional Swept Volume Mesh

      Steven R. Jankovich, Steven E. Benzley
      Brigham Young University
      Jason F. Shepherd, Scott A. Mitchell
      Sandia National Laboratories
      Abstract | Download Postscript (201 KB)
gSession 7 - Plenary III

    7a - Industrial Applications (Invited)

    7b - Unstuctured Surface Grid Generation Using Global Mapping and Physical Space Approximation

    7c - Curvilinear Mesh Generation in 3D

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