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Surface Meshing Using Vertex Insertion

de Cougny, H. L. and M. S. Shephard

5th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.243-256, October 1996


This paper presents the requirements for a surface mesh to be valid. Aside from validity, it also discusses conditions for geometric similarity, which quantitatively describes how the surface mesh "matches" the model geometry. The surface mesh generation method presented here uses the parameter space of a model face to generate a coarse triangulation. In order to avoid the mapping problem, the coarse triangulation is refined in the real space to obtain proper mesh entity sizing. The Delaunay criterion is used to generate the coarse triangulation in the parameter space and a quasi-Delaunay criterion is used in the real space to complete the triangulation. The surface mesh is post- processed for self-intersection to guarantee its validity and for optimization. Problems coming from the possible periodicity and degeneracy of parameter spaces are addressed.

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