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MARK-IT: A Marking User Interface For Cutting Decomposition Time

Yang, Nicholas C., Andrew S. Forsberg, Jason F. Shepherd, Ricardo M. Garcia and Karl G. Merkley

Proceedings, 13th International Meshing Roundtable, Williamsburg, VA, Sandia National Laboratories, SAND #2004-3765C, pp.231-242, September 19-22 2004


13th International Meshing Roundtable
Willimasburg, Virginia, USA
September 19-22, 2004

Nicholas C. Yang and Andrew S. Forsberg
Brown University, Providence, RI, U.S.A.
{nyang, asf}

Jason F. Shepherd and Ricardo M. Garcia
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A.
{jfsheph, ricgarc}

Karl G. Merkley
Elemental Technologies, Inc., American Fork, UT, U.S.A.

We present Mark-It, a marking user interface that reduced the time to decompose a set of CAD models exhibiting a range of decomposition problems by as much as fifty percent. Instead of performing about 50 mesh decomposition operations using a conventional UI, Mark-It allows users to perform the same operations by drawing 2D marks in the context of the 3D model. The motivation for this study was to test the potential of a marking user interface for the decomposition aspect of the meshing process. To evaluate Mark-It, we designed a user study that consisted of a brief tutorial of both the non-marking and marking UIs, performing the steps to decompose four models contributed to us by experienced meshers at Sandia National Laboratories, and a post-study debriefing to rate the speed, preference, and overall learnability of the two interfaces. Our primary contributions are a practical user interface design for speeding-up mesh decomposition and an evaluation that helps characterize the pros and cons of the new user interface.

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