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Tetrahedralization of Multi-material Images with Quality and Hausdorff Distance Guarantees

Xu, Jing, Andrey Chernikov

Research Note, 25th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, September 26-30 2016


25th International Meshing Roundtable
Washington DC, U.S.A.
September 26-30, 2016

Jing Xu, Old Dominion University, US,
Andrey Chernikov, Old Dominion University, US,

Research Note Abstract
We present a method for generating three-dimensional unstructured tetrahedral meshes of multi-material images. The method uses an octree as the background grid from which to build the final graded conforming meshes. The algorithm is fast and robust. It produces a small number of mesh elements and provides guaranteed bounds on the smallest dihedral angle and the two-sided Hausdorff distance between the boundaries of the mesh and the boundaries of the materials. The technique is illustrated with examples.

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