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Generation of Quad and Hex Dominant Semistructured Meshes Using An Advancing Layer Scheme

Thompson, David S. and Bharat K. Soni

Proceedings, 8th International Meshing Roundtable, South Lake Tahoe, CA, U.S.A., pp.171-178, October 1999


Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS., U.S.A
Email: ( dst | bsoni )

A novel algorithm to generate quad- and hex-dominant, semistructured meshes is presented. The algorithm utilizes a three-step, advancing layer scheme to generate the mesh in structured layers starting from an initial data surface. First, a locally orthogonal reference mesh is algebraically generated. The reference mesh is then smoothed using a Poisson-type mesh generation equation. Finally, a line deletion/insertion algorithm based on cell geometry is applied as the initial data surface for the next layer is defined. Typically, for meshes appropriate for viscous flow calculations, more than 95% of the cells are quadrilaterals or hexahedra. The resulting mesh offers a potentially attractive alternative for near-body regions of hybrid meshes. Several preliminary examples are included to demonstrate the efficacy of the approach.

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