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Whisker Weaving: Invalid Connectivity Resolution and Primal Construction Algorithm

Tautges, Timothy J. and Scott A. Mitchell

Proceedings, 4th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.115-127, October 1995


This paper describes the techniques used to resolve invalid connectivity created as a natural part of the whisker weaving algorithm. These techniques rely on the detection of "repeated hexes" in the STC data, which indicate face pairs which share two edges. The "repeated repeated hex" case is described in detail, including the resolution technique by which a self- intersecting whisker sheet with two independant face loops are created. The algorithm used to construct the primal of an all-hexahedral mesh (i.e. the actual nodes and hex elements) from the connectivity data is described. The primal is constructed using a "gift-wrapping" algorithm, where all the mesh edges and hexes containing a particular node are found by traversing between hexes already known to share the node. This algorithm is implemented inside the CUBIT code and is used to generate meshes for several example problems.

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