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Midsurface Poster- ITI CADfix

Seebooa, Shakeel, Claire Pollard

Posters, 25th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, September 26-30 2016


25th International Meshing Roundtable
Washington DC, U.S.A.
September 26-30, 2016

Shakeel Seebooa, ITI - International TechneGroup Limited, GB,
Claire Pollard, ITI - International TechneGroup Limited, GB,

Poster Abstract
Our poster will demonstrate CADfix's midsurfacing technology. A midsurface is a dimensionally reduced representation of a CAD model for use in downstream advanced simulation processes such FEA, CEM and CFD. By reducing a model to its midsurface, shell element meshing can be applied instead of solid meshing, greatly reducing degrees of freedom for a more efficient analysis. The midsurfacing tool is built upon the CADfix Medial Object technology. First we calculate the Medial Object of the model to obtain the true medial surface geometry. By examining the radius function across the Medial Object, we identify unwanted surface flaps for removal, and perform additional extensions and intersections to give the midsurface. This unique process is fully automatic. Other midsurfacing methods are semi-automatic, relying on user input and manual completion. Several challenges remain. Depending on the type of analysis being undertaken, users will require different configurations at complex junctions, intersections and extensions. Part of the problem involves establishing the configurations required to give the optimum midsurface for different analysis applications. This poster will showcase our midsurfacing technology and point out that while a model has a unique Medial Object, its midsurface is not unique and requires intelligent adjustment for specific analysis applications.

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