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Semi-Structured Mesh Generation Based on Medial Axis

Sampl, Peter

Proceedings, 9th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.21-32, October 2000


9th International Meshing Roundtable
October 2-5, 2000, New Orlean Louisiana

Peter Sampl
AVL List GrnbH, Graz, Austria.

A three-dimensional, medial-axis-based mesh generator is described. First the medial axis of the geometry to be meshed is constructed, then quad-dominant meshes on the medial surface are generated and extruded to the boundary at both sides of the medial surface. The resulting single cell layer is subdivided in direction normal to the boundary, yielding columns of hexahedral and three-sided prismatic cells. The resulting volume mesh is orthogonal at the boundary and "semi-structured" between boundary and medial surface. Mixed cell types (tets, pyramids, degenerate hexahedra) may result along the medial surface. The medial axis is computed indirectly from the Voronoi diagram of a dense set of sample-points on the boundary. An advancing front algorithm (paving) is used for meshing the subfaces of the medial surface. Development of the mesh generator has not been fully completed yet. First medium-complexity geometries have been meshed, however, showing moderate meshing times.

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