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AMedial Object Toolkit for Meshing and Other Applications

Price, Mark, Clive Stops and Geoffrey Butlin

Proceedings, 4th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.219-229, October 1995


The medial surface of a solid is a skeletal representation of an object providing a rich source of information for a variety of geometric reasoning applications. It has been used for the subdivision of complex solids into simpler pieces for automatic mesh generation and also for generation of simpler idealised models such as shells and beams for stress analysis. Although computation of the medial object itself is not trivial there are now sufficiently robust and reliable algorithms available for its generation. Since this has been achieved, its use can be more acessible to users without requiring expert knowledge in the mathematical techniques for generating it. This is done through the provision of a set of tools for accessing the data contained in the medial object through an Application Programmers Interface (API). These tools present the data in a readily understandable form such as aspect ratio and minimum thickness values. In this paper, a set of such tools for accessing information provided by the medial object is described. The application of these tools to problems in analysis modeling is then presented, illustrating the versatility and potential of the toolkit.

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