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AMultiple Source and Target Sweeping Method for Generating All-Hexahedral Finite Element Meshes

Mingwu, Lai, Steven E. Benzley, Greg Sjaardema and Tim Tautges

5th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.217-228, October 1996


This paper presents an algorithm to enhance the capabilities of generating all hexahedral finite element meshes by the sweeping process. Traditional sweeping techniques are very useful and robust. They create meshes by projecting an existing single-surface mesh along a specified trajectory to a specified single target surface. In this process the source surface is meshed by any surface meshing algorithm while the sides that couple the source to the target are limited to a regular mapped quadrilateral mesh. This process is often called two and one half dimensional meshing. The procedure presented in this paper enhances this traditional technique by developing a projection technique that minimizes mesh distortion; and allows multiple connected surfaces to single target, multiple unconnected surfaces to single target, and multiple unconnected surfaces to multiple unconnected target sweeping.

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