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NURBS Surface Reparameterization Using Truncated T-splines

Liu, Lei, Yongjie Jessica Zhang, Xiaodong Wei

23rd International Meshing Roundtable, Elsevier Ltd., pp.Research Note, October 12-15 2014


23rd International Meshing Roundtable
London, UK
October 12-15,2014

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Constructing T-splines for isogeometric analysis is an important step in inte- grating designing and analysis [1]. However, only a restricted type of T-splines is analysis-suitable, such as a subset of standard T-splines with constrains on the configuration of T-mesh [3]. Designed CAD models are not water-tight, and the control points are sparse. In addition, various operations result in trimmed NURBS patches, such as union, intersection, trimming and splitting (Fig. 1). These patches do not have tensor product representation in the trim- ming result. These limits the direct usage of CAD models for analysis. How to reparameterize designed CAD models with analysis-suitalbe T-splines is still an open problem.

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