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Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation by Recursive Convex and Swept Volume Decomposition

Liu, Shang-Sheng and Rajit Gadh

Proceedings, 6th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.217-231, October 1997


Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Shang-Sheng Liu: Research Assistant, email: shang-, URL:
Rajit Gadh: Assistant Professor, email:, URL:

A method has been developed to automatically recognize shapes from decomposed volumes of a solid model and generate all hexahedral meshes from the shapes by shape-specific meshing methods. In this method, shapes such as a circle or a cube are first recognized from the decomposed volumes. Next, different shape- specific meshing methods, such as mapping and general quadrilateral meshing, are applied to generate hexahedral meshes from them. Finally, all hexahedral meshes of these regular volumes are combined into a hexahedral mesh of the original solid model Since each volume is meshed with a suitable shape-specific meshing method, a better hexahedral mesh can be generated.

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