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Ball-Packing Method: A New Approach for Quality Automatic Triangulation of Arbitrary Domains

Liu, Jianfei and Rongxi Tang

Proceedings, 6th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.85-96, October 1997


Group 703, Department of Manufacture Encyineering, Beijing Univ. of Aero.& Astro. Beijing 100083, Beijing, P.R.China

The configuration of nodes is the key factor of mesh quality. Many existing methods imply some restrictions on distribution of nodes. In this paper, some improper restrictions are discussed, then the intrinsic constrains between nodes are investigated, based upon which, a new approach for automatic triangulation of arbitrary domains, namely ball-packing- method, is presented. The method is capable of triangulating 2-D region, solid modeling and curved surfaces, it generates fine nodes and then quality mesh.

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