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Basic LOgical Bulk Shapes (BLOBS) for Finite Element Hexahedral Mesh Generation

Liu, Shang-Sheng and Rajit Gadh

5th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.291-306, October 1996


This article presents an approach for automatically generating hexahedral meshes from solid models. The mesh generating method presented in this paper involves four major steps. First, objects called Basic Logical Bulk shapes (BLOBS) are determined from the solid model of a given part. Second, these BLOBs are used to decompose the solid model into its various sub-volumes. Third, a multiple-block structure (MBS), which is a group of hexahedral objects, is constructed to approximate the solid model. Finally, transfinite mapping is employed to project the faces of the MIS onto the surfaces of a model to generate the finite element meshes.

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