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Tracking the Front of Moving Boundaries Using Grid GenerationTechniques

Liu, Anwei and Matthias Horlacher

Proceedings, 8th International Meshing Roundtable, South Lake Tahoe, CA, U.S.A., pp.333-343, October 1999


Silvaco International
4701 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Email: ( anwei | horlacher )

An application of grid generation to process and device simulation of semiconductors is presented. We mainly discuss moving boundary problems in terms of etch and deposit process steps. A robust algorithm based on the adaptive refinement of a tetrahedral grid for tracking moving fronts is described. The algorithm combines the efficiency of the string method and the robustness of the level set method. Examples are given to demonstrate the capability of the proposed method in solving some difficult problems such as "delooping" and "void creation" in the field of process simulation.

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