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A Constraint-Based System to Ensure the Preservation of Sharp Geometric Features in Hexahedral Meshes

Ledoux, Franck, Nicolas Le Goff, Steve J. Owen , Matthew L. Staten and Jean-Christophe Weill

21st International Meshing Roundtable, Springer-Verlag, pp.315-332, October 7-10 2012


21st International Meshing Roundtable
San Jose, CA
October 7-10,2012

CEA, DAM, DIF, 91920 Arpajon, France

Generating a full hexahedral mesh for any 3D geometric domain is still a challenging problem. Among the different attempts, the octree-based methods are the most efficient from an engineering point of view. But the main drawback of such methods is the lack of control near the boundary. In this work, we propose an a posteriori technique based on the notion of the fundamental mesh in order to improve the mesh quality near the boundary. This approach is based on the resolution of a constraint problem defined on the topology of the CAD model that we have to discretize.

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