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Geometry Management Support for Auto-Meshing

Jones, M.R., M.A. Price and G. Butlin

Proceedings, 4th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.153-164, October 1995


Currently the focus of research and development effort for new meshing technology is on developing new algorithms for meshing. As a result of this some successful meshing algorithms have emerged, but true auto-meshing is still elusive. The generation of a meshed model ready for analysis is more involved than merely creating elements. Solid models created in CAD systems often need to be processed to ensure thay are in a form suitable for meshing. In this process there are still several missing functions: geometry management, mesh quality optimisation and automatic mapping of the physics of the problem onto the mesh. This paper addresses geometry management support required for automeshing of solid models.

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