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Partial remeshing strategy for CFD simulations when large displacements are taken into account

Gremmo, Simone, Iouri Antonik, Remy Nigro, Charles Hirsch, Grégory Coussement

23rd International Meshing Roundtable, Elsevier Ltd., pp.Research Note, October 12-15 2014


23rd International Meshing Roundtable
London, UK
October 12-15,2014

University of Mons - UMONS, Fluids-Machines Department, 20 Place du Parc, 7000 Mons (Belgium)
NUMECA International, Chaussée de la Hulpe, 189, Terhulpsesteenweg, B-1170 Brussels, BELGIUM

This research aims at developing innovative and efficient strategies to run computational fluid dynamics simulations when large displacements of geometry are taken into account. The goal is to be able to follow the movement of a rigid body in a given three dimensional domain during the simulation, regardless of the displacement amplitude. In these notes the strategies concerning the mesh generation and update are described. This research is carried out within a collaboration between the Fluids-Machines Department of University of Mons and NUMECA International.

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