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Prepartitioning as a way to mesh subdomains in parallel

Galtier, Jerome and Paul Louis George

5th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.107-122, October 1996


We introduce a new method to mesh a physical domain in parallel. Given a domain defined by a set of boundary facets, we construct a separator of it. As a result, we obtain several subdomains, each of them being defined by a set of boundary facets. Naturally, the separation step can be applied recursively to increase the number of subdomains, or to reduce the size of one subdomain. Then, a Classical mesh generator is applied to achieve the computation.

Along with the theoretical background that allows to mesh such a separator (this process is called prepartitioning), we show how the method performs on a large set of industrial examples. Some parallel simulations have been done, and the results for large examples are promising.

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