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Diamond-Kite Meshes: Adaptive Quadrilateral Meshing and Orthogonal Circle Packing

Eppstein, David

21st International Meshing Roundtable, Springer-Verlag, pp.261-277, October 7-10 2012


21st International Meshing Roundtable
San Jose, CA
October 7-10,2012

Department of Computer Science, University of California, Irvine

We describe a family of quadrilateral meshes based on diamonds, rhombi with 60 and 120 angles, and kites with 60 , 90 , and 120 angles, that can be adapted to a local size function by local subdivision operations. The vertices of our meshes form the centers of the circles in a pair of dual circle packings in which each tangency between two circles is crossed orthogonally by a tangency between two dual circles.

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