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Mesh Insertion of Hybrid Meshes

Ebeida, Mohamed S., Eric Mestreau, Yongjie Zhang, and Saikat Dey

Proceedings, 18th International Meshing Roundtable, Springer-Verlag, pp.337-357, October 25-28 2009


18th International Meshing Roundtable
Salt Lake City, UT, USA.
October 25-28, 2009

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA, USA,
Code 7130, Physical Acoustics Branch, Naval Research Lab,
Washington, DC, USA,

A mesh insertion method is presented to merge a tool mesh into a target mesh. All the entities of the tool mesh are preserved in the output mesh while some of the entities of the target mesh are modified or eliminated in order to obtain a topologically conforming mesh. The algorithm can handle non-manifold surfaces formed of quadrilaterals and/or triangles as well as volumetric meshes based on hexahedra, prisms, pyramids and/or tetrahedra. Lower order elements such as beams can also be taken into consideration. A robust 2-steps advancing front algorithm is introduced to fill the narrow gap between the two mesh objects to obtain a complete crack-free connection. An efficient mesh data structure is developed to optimize the search operations and the intersection tests needed by the algorithm. Several application examples are provided to show the strength of the presented algorithm.

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