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Dimensional Reduction of Analysis Models

Donaghy, R.J., W. McCune, S.J. Bridgett, C.G. Armstrong, D.J. Robinson and R.M. McKeag

5th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.307-320, October 1996


This paper describes a set of procedures by which an analyst might be able to approximate a 2D plate or 3D shell structure for a quick, linear static analysis. It uses mostly dimensional reduction with some assistance from detail suppression techniques in order to achieve the desired approximation of the structure. Methods for automating these procedures are described and use the 'Medial Axis Transform'. The paper describes the methods used to compute mass and stiffness properties of the approximated structure including appropriate modifications to boundary conditions. Methods for coupling between ID and 2D interfaces are given for stress and strain variables for beam elements. Error indicators are also computed to monitor the validity of the dimensional reductions.

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