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An Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation System Based on the Shape-Recognition and Boundary-Fit Methods

Chiba, N., I. Nishigaki, Y. Yamashita, C. Takizawa, K. Fujishiro

5th International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.281-290, October 1996


A general-purpose automatic hexahedral mesh generation system for FEA (Finite Element Analysis) was developed based on a shape recognition technique and the boundary-fit method. In this system, a solid model is analyzed and decomposed into single-connected sub-models. Then, other sub-models topologically identical to the original ones are constructed using, only orthogonal angles. Cubes are used to construct intermediate models, which reassemble these, and finally, hexahedral meshes are generated by mapping the cubes back onto the original solid model.

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