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Triangulation of Implicitly Defined Mid-Surfaces

Bloomenthal, Jules

22nd International Meshing Roundtable, Springer-Verlag, pp.263-274, October 13-16 2013


22nd International Meshing Roundtable
Orlando, FL
October 13-16,2013

Unchained Geometry, Seattle, WA 98112, U.S.A.

A method to triangulate the medial axis [1] is modified. In the new method the coping surfaces of a thin-wall object are used for insidedness but ignored for footpoints, yielding the mid-surface, not the medial axis. Three distinct contour-followers are employed. After a brief, manual tagging of the coping surfaces, the method is automatic. It computes a triangulation to arbitrary precision and appears robust for complex, thin-wall objects.

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