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A Hybrid Meshing Scheme Based on Terrain Feature Identification

Berkhahn, Volker, Kai Kaapke, Sebastian Rath and Erik Pasche

Proceedings, 14th International Meshing Roundtable, Springer-Verlag, pp.129-146, September 11-14 2005


14th International Meshing Roundtable
San Diego, CA, USA
September 11-14, 2005

Volker Berkhahn
University of Hannover, Institute of Computer Science in Civil Engineering, Callinstrafle 34, 30167 Hannover, Germany,

Kai Kaapke
University of New South Wales, Water Research Laboratory, King Street, Sydney, 2093, Australia,

Sebastian Rath and Erik Pasche
University of Technology Hamburg, Department of River and Coastal Engineering, Denickestrafle 22, 21073 Hamburg, Germany,,

Hydrodynamic engineering makes profitably use of numerical simulations which rely on discrete element meshes of the topography. To cope with specific circumstances in river hydraulics, the presented hybrid meshing scheme comprises following proposals: river beds and areas of significant terrain slopes are meshed with regular elements to support user specified edge ratio and element orientation representing flow gradients appropriately; floodplains are represented as irregular triangle meshes, concatenating disconnected regular meshes while warranting high approximation quality. Automatic breakline detection approximates flow relevant changes in topographic gradients and defines borders of different mesh types. This paper presents an enhanced strategy for a terrain feature analysis based on b-spline analysis grids and on an interpolation scheme for breakline points in order to reduce the zigzag property of detected breaklines. This scheme for terrain analysis and meshing functionality is implemented in the open source software tool HybridMesh.

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