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Anisotropic Goal-Oriented Mesh Adaptation for Time Dependent Problems

Alauzet, Frederic, Anca Belme, and Alain Dervieux

20th International Meshing Roundtable, Springer-Verlag, pp.99-121, October 23-26 2011


20th International Meshing Roundtable
Paris, France
October 23-26, 2011

INRIA Roquencourt, Domaine de Voluceau, 78150 Rocquencourt, France, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, 2004 route de Lucioles, 06902 Sophia-Antipolis, France,, Alain

We present a new algorithm for combining an anisotropic goal-oriented error estimate with the mesh adaptation fixed point method for unsteady problems. The minimization of the error on a functional provides both the density and the anisotropy (stretching) of the optimal mesh. They are expressed in terms of state and adjoint. This method is used for specifying the mesh for a time sub-interval. A global xed point iterates the re-evaluation of meshes and states over the whole time interval until convergence of the space-time mesh. Applications to unsteady blast-wave are presented

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