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The applied track of the Sixteenth Annual ACM Symposium on Computation Geometry (June 2000) is soliciting papers in the area of meshing. Papers are due 6 December, 1999.

Meshing Newsletter - 2/17/99

From: Robert.Schneiders@Pool.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE
Subject: Latest news in mesh generation

Dear meshing researcher,

The intent of this newsletter is to spread information on mesh generation:

1. New book: Handbook of Grid Generation
2. New book: Delaunay Triangulation and meshing
3. International Society on Grid Generation
4. New public domain mesh generator: MegaCads
5. CFD General notation system
6. Mesh generation Listserv
7. Upcoming conferences

You can find more information at


regards, Robert Schneiders

Robert Schneiders
MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH
Aachen, Germany

1. New book: Handbook of Grid Generation

Eds. Joe Thompson, Bharat Soni and Nigel Weatherhill
CRC Press, ISBN 0-8493-2687-7

This is a 1000+ pages volume with contributions from 55 researchers that
presents the state of the art in structured and unstructured grid generation.
A software survey is inluded.

2. New book: Delaunay Triangulation and meshing

Paul-Louis George, Houman Borouchaki
Edition Hermes

A detailed description of the results of more than 10 years of meshing research
at INRIA. Treats constrained and unconstrained Delaunay triangulations in
2D and 3D, with special regard paid to unisotropic meshing.

3. International Society on Grid Generation

A new society, founded by Joe F. Thompson et al. at Mississippi state. An
effort to foster research and cooperation and distribution of knowledge in
grid generation. A membership drive is currently under way. Check their website
at http://www.erc.msstate.edu/isgg/.

4. New public domain mesh generator: MegaCads

MegaCads is a 3D multiblock interactive system for the generation of
structured grids, developed in the German MEGAFLOW project. Allows for
elliptic and biharmonic smoothing of grids. Comes with a graphical user
interface and an IGES converter. Detailed information can be found at:


5. CFD General notation system

An effort to establish a standard for the exchange of CFD data, supported by
several US companies and government institutions. An implementation of the
API can be found at http://www.cgns.org/.

6. Mesh generation Listserv

A new mailing list, setup by Steve Owen as part of the Meshing Research Corner:


It is intended to be a forum for discussion on what is currently being done
in the field of mesh generation.

7. Upcoming conferences

- ICIAM 99 Minisymposium on mesh generation, Edinburgh, UK, July 5-9, 1999
http://www.ma.hw.ac.uk/iciam99/). Organizer: Rosa-Maria Spitaleri.

- 2nd Symposium on Unstructured Mesh Generation, University of Colorado,
Boulder, August 4-6, 1999 (part of the Fifth US National Congress on
Computational Mechanics): http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/sowen/usccm99/

- 8th International Meshing Rondtable will be held in Lake Tahoe, California,
October 10-13, 1999. http://www.cfd.sandia.gov/8imr.html



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The Research Corner webpage is an attempt at compiling some of the current literature available on the subject of unstructured mesh generation. Currently more than 600 journal articles are referenced. Abstracts are sited for most of the references. Complete papers are available for the past four years of the International Meshing Roundtable. Maintained by Steve Owen, Ansys, Inc.