Short Course Instructor Biographies

Basics of Structured Grid Generation :
Instructor: Dr. Bharat Soni, Mississippi State University

Dr. Soni is a professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Mississippi State University. He is , also, serving as a senior lead for the CFD CTA(Critical Technology Area) associated with the PET(Programming Environment and Training) program at ARL(Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Gd., MD), ASC(Aeronautical System Command, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio) and EDRC (Engineering Development Research Center, Vicksburg, MS) MSRCs(Major Shared Resource Centers) sponsored by DOD HPCMO(High Performance Computing Modernization Office). He has been working in the area of structured and hybrid grid generation for the past ninteen years. He has designed and developed sequence of courses in numerical grid generation and computer aided geometry design(CAGD). He has developed numerical algorithms for structured and hybrid grid generation for complex configurations based on algebraic, elliptic-hyperbolic-parabolic generation methods and CAGD techniques. The resulting software (GENIE++, TIGER, CAGI, PMAG, HYB2D-3D) are being routinely utilized for complex CFD applications by various institutes and laboratories.He has authored more than 80 publications and is a co-editor of the CRC Handbook of Grid Generation, published in March 1999.

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New Advances and Open Issues in Unstructured Meshing:
Instructor: Dr. Timothy Tautges, Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Timothy J. Tautges performs research and development in hexahedral meshing on the CUBIT project at Sandia National Laboratories. In addition to his research in the Whisker Weaving algorithm and automatic decomposition techniques, he lead the CUBIT project from 1996-1998. During that time, CUBIT emerged as a production-level code capable of producing multi-million element all-hex meshes for component assemblies. Dr. Tautges now telecommutes from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Parallel Meshing and CAD Interface:
Instructor: Professor Mark Shephard, Scientific Computation Research Center

Professor Mark S. Shephard is the Samuel A. and Elisabeth C. Johnson, Jr. Professor of Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds joint appointments in the departments of Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering & Mechanics; Computer Science; and Information Technology. He is the director of Rensselaer 's Scientific Computation Research Center. Dr. Shephard has published over 200 papers in the area of automated and adaptive finite element modeling. He is a fellow in, and president of, the US Association for Computational Mechanics, and was recipient of the 1997 USACM Computational and Applied Sciences Award; a fellow and member of the General Council in the International Association for Computational Mechanics; an Associate Fellow of AIAA; and a member of ASME, ASEE, ASCE and the American Academy of Mechanics. He is editor of Engineering with Computers and on the editorial board of five computational mechanics journals.

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