Vendor Exhibit

Vendors of mesh and grid generation software are invited to exhibit at the 9th International Meshing Roundtable. Space will be made available in the foyer of the Marriott Hotel during Tuesday through Thursday of the conference as well as the Monday evening reception. Vendors of both commercial and public domain codes are encouraged to participate. This is an ideal forum to gain potential sales, as well as increase visibility within the mesh and grid generation communities. Live software demonstrations are encouraged.




Vendors are required to register for the Roundtable. Vendors are responsible for providing their own computing facilities. Contact Tammy Eldred, Conference Coordinator to reserve a Vendor Exhibit space.



No exhibitor fee will be charged, however, vendors are required to register for the Roundtable. Please indicate your participation by marking the appropriate box on the registration form


New Orleans Marriott Hotel
ATTN: Sandia National Laboratories, (and VENDOR NAME)
555 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Telephone: 504-581-1000
Fax: 504-581-5749

Pictures from the 8th International Meshing Roundtable
Vendor Exhibits

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding the Vendor Exhibit:

What type of exhibits are permited?

Has the IMR invited a computer hardware vendor or vendors to exhibit? Will that vendor provide computers for other exhibitors or are we to make arrangements for our own?

What facilities will be provided? Power and how much? Telephone? Network connection? Chairs? Backdrop? Tables? Draping?

What are the exhibit hours? Is the exhibit area (the Marriott Hotel foyer) close to the meeting rooms? Will any special events be held in the exhibit area (eg, coffee, snacks, etc)?

Is the exhibit area in a secure area for storage of computers and other materials overnight? Or will the computers have to be powered off and stored elsewhere overnight?