Speakers & Sessions

Tuesday, October 3rd

Keynote Address
Dr. Nigel Weatherill,University of Wales Swansea

Session 1 - PLENARY
1a - Hexahedral Mesh Generation: Its History and State of the Art (Invited)
Ted Blacker

1b - Semi-Structured Mesh Generation Based on Medial Axis
Peter Sampl

1c - Fast Surface Meshing on Imperfect CAD Models
John P. Steinbrenner, Nicholas J.Wyman, John R. Chawner

1d - Improved Cell Size and Grading in Guaranteed Quality Triangular and Tetrahedral Meshes
Carl Ollivier-Gooch, Charles Boivin

Session 2A - Hexahedral Meshing
2a1 - Polyhedral Mesh Generation
W. Oaks, S. Paoletti

2a2 - The Cleave and Fill Tool: An All-Hexahedral Refinement Algorithm for Swept Meshes
Michael Borden, Steven Benzley, Scott A. Mitchell, David White, Ray Meyers

2a3 - Methods for Multisweep Automation
Jason Shepherd, Scott A. Mitchell, Patrick Knupp, David White

2a4 - Hexahedral Mesh Generation Using Multi-Axis Cooper Algorithm
Katsuhiro Miyoshi, Ted Blacker

Session 2B - Adaptive Methods
2b1 - An Approach for Generating Meshes Similar to a Reference Mesh
Atsushi Yamada, Keisuke Inoue, Takayuki Itoh, Kenji Shimada

2b2 - Tent-Pitcher: A Meshing Algorithm for Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
Alper Üngör, Alla Sheffer

2b3 - About Surface Remeshing
Pascal J. Frey

2b4 - Level Set Based Mesh Generation
O. Gloth, R. Vilsmeier

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions: Mesh Quality, Moving Boundary, Geometry, Hex Meshing, Tet Meshing, Surface Meshing, Parallel Meshing


Wednesday, October 4th

Session 3 - Plenary II
3a - Current Issues Related to Robust Triangle and Tetrahedral Mesh Generation - (Invited)
David Marcum

3b - Surface Parameterization for Meshing by Triangulation Flattening
A. Sheffer, E. de Sturler

3c - Hexahedral Mesh Untagling and Algebraic Mesh Quality Metrics
Patrick M. Knupp

Session 4A - Structured/Hexahedral Meshing
4a1 - Automatic Block Decomposition Using Fuzzy Logic Analysis
Reza Taghavi

4a2 - Adaptive High-Aspect Ratio Structured 2-D Grids
Vladimir Tishkin, Konstantin Bogomolov

4a3 - Some Experiences on Orthogonal Grid Generation
Pablo Barrera Sánchez, Guilmer González Flores, Francisco Javier Domínguez Mota

Session 4B - Surface Meshing
4b1 - Minimal Variational Surfaces and Quality Meshes
H. Borouchaki, P. Lafon, P. Laug, P.L. George

4b2 - Quadrilateral Meshing with Anisotropy and Directinality Control Via Close Packing of Rectangular Cells
Naveen Viswanath, Kenji Shimada, Takayuki Itoh

4b3 - LayTracks: A New Approach to Automated Quadrilateral Mesh Generation Using MAT
W. R. Quadros, K. Ramaswami, F. B. Prinz and B. Gurumoorthy

Session 5A - Triangular/Tetrahedral Meshing
5a1 - A Point Creation Strategy for Mesh Generation Using Crystal Lattices as Templates
Ulisses Mello, Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

5a2 - High Quality Anisotropic Tetrahedral Mesh Generation Via Packing Ellisoidal Bubbles
Soji Yamakawa, Kenji Shimada

5a3 - Tessellations of Cuboids with Steiner Points
N. Hitschfeld, G. Navarro, R. Farías

5a4 - A New Approach Towards Delaunay-Conformity in 3 Dimensions
Philippe P. Pébay

Session 5B - Mesh Quality/Smoothing/Optimization
5b1 - Spacing Control and Sliver-Free Mesh
Xiang-Yang Li

5b2 - How Far Flipping Can Go Towards 3D Conforming/Constrained Triangulation
Anwei Liu, Mazen Baida

5b3 - The Behavior of Partial Derivatives from a Truncation Error Series of Shallow Water Equations of Momentum
Scott C. Hagen

5b4 - A Simple and Effective Mesh Quality Metric for Hexahedral and Wedge Elements
Wa Kwok, Zhijian Chen

Session 6A - Geometry/Data Structure
6a1 - The Common Geometry Module (CGM): An Generic, Extensible Geometry Interface
Timothy J. Tautges

6a2 - Algorithm Oriented Mesh Database
Jean-Francois Remacle, B. Kaan Karamete, Mark S. Shephard

6a3 - A Generic Cad-Mesh Interface
Silvio Merazzi, Edgar A. GerteisenSession 6B - Smoothing

Session 6B - Smoothing
6b1 - An Angle-Based Approach to Two-Dimensional Mesh Smoothing
Tian Zhou, Kenji Shimada

6b2 - Smoothing of Volume Meshes Generated by Extrusion from Surface Meshes of Arbitrary Topology
David S. Thompson, Satish Chalasani, Bharat K. Soni

6b3 - Force-Directed Methods for Smoothing Unstructured Triangular and Tetrahedral Meshes
Hristo N. Djidjev


Thursday, October 5th

Session 7 - Plenary III
7a - Industrial Issues Related to Mesh Generation (invited)
Charlie Seick

7b - Approximate Quality Mesh Generation Based on Small Edge Details
Bruce Simpson, Nancy Hitschfeld, Maria-Cecilia Rivara

7c - Hexahedral Mesh Generation for the Simulation of the Human Mandible
Cornelia Kober, Matthias Müller-Hannemann

Panel Discussion