New for 2019!

The IMR Committee are pleased to introduce Research Abstracts that will be presented at various sessions throughout the conference. Research Abstracts are replacing Research Notes.

Research Abstracts are extended abstracts not exceeding a single A4 page (single spaced) describing new ideas, exploratory research, preliminary results, corrections or updates to previously published research in the field of meshing. These research abstracts will be reviewed by the IMR committee upon submission. Unlike full papers, these abstracts will not be part of the conference proceedings and camera-ready submissions are not necessary. Talks on the research abstracts will be presented at the conference. These abstracts will also be published on the IMR website and will be included in the registration material. Each research abstract will be given a 10 minute slot for presentation followed by 5 minutes for Q&A.

Research Abstracts Submission Deadline: August 6, 2019
Research Abstracts Notification: August 20, 2019

For further submission instructions, see the paper submission webpage.

Special Note: For accepted papers and research abstracts, at least one author must register for the IMR. Participants may be an author of multiple papers and research abstracts. Each paid IMR registrant will be limited to one presentation (paper or research abstract). Not limited to papers and research abstracts, all authors and presenters are encouraged to also submit posters and/or meshing contest entries.