The IMR Committee is pleased to announce that the meshing contest will again be part of the 28th IMR.

Participants may submit their meshes demonstrating the abilities of their meshing software in either of two disciplines:
  •  mesh generation
  • mesh post-processing

Participants will generate surface (triangular, quad-dominant, quad, etc.) or volume (tetrahedral/hexahedral/hex-dominant etc.) meshes or a combination of both.

All interested participants must send an email to the IMR committee by August 15, 2019 to indicate their willingness to take part in the meshing contest. Please contact: John Verdicchio

The presentation form will be a poster showing the details of the mesh and providing additional information as listed below. Along with detailed mesh images, the poster must provide the following information on the mesh:

  • Participant(s) name(s)
  • Affiliation
  • Discipline: mesh generation or mesh post-processing
  • Meshing code/product used
  • Mesh size (number of nodes and elements of each type)
  • Two or three important mesh quality metrics
    • Define the metric and explain why this metric is important
  • Meshing use (state the problem of physics/engineering the mesh is intended to be used for, specify analysis type)

As the IMR is in Buffalo, New York this year which is in close proximity to famous Niagara Falls the committee decided the falls and related components would be the subject this year.

Please find in the following link a download to the geometry for this year’s mesh competition. Note: the geometry file is large and may take some time to download. The geometry is only available as STL.

To download the models click: Download Models

To extract the full stl from the compressed file type:
% gzip -d Assembly_transform.stl.gz


Here is the md5 checksum:
% md5sum Assembly_transform.stl
41a78110b3289de4db0c7184fc422b29 Assembly_transform.stl

The file was compressed with gzip
% gzip --version
gzip 1.5
Copyright (C) 2007, 2010, 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copyright (C) 1993 Jean-loup Gailly.

You do not have to mesh the entire domain or all the entities in the file, just produce a great picture demonstrating good meshing technique. Remember, the winner of the Meshing Competition goes on next year’s T-shirt!

Within the STL file you will find:

  • A landscape that is the area surrounding Niagara Falls
  • Some “waves”; the churning water below the falls
  • A boat from a James Bond film
  • A barrel
  • two scenes taken from views of a Mandelbrot set

Please provide a 1-page PowerPoint slide that will be used for a 90 second introduction to your poster to all attendees in a Poster/Meshing Contest introduction session.

Posters have to be provided in a landscape A0 format (841 mm x 1189 mm or 33.1" x 46.8"), and logistics for printing and getting the poster to the venue are the responsibility of the author.

Email your note of commitment (in a simple email) by August 15, 2019 to John Verdicchio. Use the same email address to submit the 1-page PowerPoint introductory slide and the PDF version of the poster by September 22, 2019.