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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

(505) 844-2376

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Short Courses

Inital Short Course information can be found below. Addtional details will be posted soon.

Courses are taught by internationally known experts. Instructors typically include an overview of the state of the art of their topic, and highlight their own research, but also include the current work of others. It is intended to be a “course” in the traditional sense of enabling attendees to go forth and produce new results of their own, rather than simply use existing knowledge. This year we are having two short course tracks, each with two classes. One track is traditional “core” meshing topics, and the other is topics that we believe would “enrich” the perspective of meshing researchers beyond what they are most familiar with. The goal of the core topics is to bring attention to the state of the art, so that attendees would be positioned to contribute directly to that topic. The goal of the enrichment topics is to make attendees aware of exciting knowledge from nearby fields that could bring a new set of tools, math, and perspectives to meshing research. Both tracks are suitable for both new and experienced meshing researchers.

The IMR short courses will be held Monday, October 1, 2018. Courses are taught by internationally known experts in the field of Mesh Generation. Instructors will address practical issues in the design and implementation of both structured and unstructured mesh generation codes.

  • Core Track:
  • The Core session includes courses ideal for students just entering the field who may need a foundation for research.

  • Enrichment Track:
  • Based on the continued positive response to the addition of an advanced track, we are again offering advanced sessions that provide more challenging short course options for advanced students and seasoned professionals who would like to expand their current skill set in the development of mesh and grid generation algorithms.

To register for the short courses, mark the appropriate boxes on the registration form.

Short Course Instructors and course information will be posted beginning in March.

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