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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

(505) 844-2376

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Session 1 - Miscellaneous Topics

10:00 AM - 12:05 PM

Session 1 - Miscellaneous Topics
Session Chair: Scott Mitchell
Location: Ballroom F
10:00 AM 1.1 - A 66-Element Mesh of Schneiders' Pyramid: Bounding the Difficulty of Hex-Meshing Problems
Kilian Verhetsel, Jeanne Pellerin, Jean-François Remacle
10:25 AM 1.2 - Exact Fast Parallel Intersection of Large 3-D Triangular Meshes
W. Randolph Franklin, Salles Viana Gomes de Magalhães, Marcus Vinícius Alvim Andrade
10:50 AM 1.3 - Representing Three-dimensional Cross Fields Using 4th Order Tensors
Jean-François Remacle, Alexandre Chemin
11:15 AM 1.4 - Performance Comparison and Workload Analysis of Mesh Untangling and Smoothing Algorithms
Domingo Benitez, Jose M. Escobar, Rafael Montenegro, Eduardo Rodriguez
11:40 AM 1.5 - Medial Axis Based Bead Feature Recognition for Automotive Body Panel Meshing
Jonathan Makem, Harold Fogg, Nilanjan Mukherjee

Session 2A - Research Notes I - Miscellaneous Topics
Session 2B - Research Notes II - Miscellaneous Topics

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

Session 2A - Research Notes I: Miscellaneous Topics
Session Chair: Joaquim Peiró
Location: Ballroom F
2:15 PM 2A.1 - Massively Parallel Tet Meshing with Size-Dependent Feature Capture on CAD Models
Matt Staten D. R. Noble, C. R. Wilson, C. L. McBride, M. K. Bhardwaj
2:30 PM 2A.2 - Two-Stage in Situ Parallel Meshing for Large-Scale Atmospheric Fluid Simulation Over Complex Topography
Kenji Ono, Takanori Uchida
2:45 PM 2A.3 - Accelerated Load Balancing of Unstructured Meshes
Gerrett Diamond, Lucas Davis, Cameron W. Smith
Session 2B - Research Notes II: Miscellaneous Topics
Session Chair: John Verdicchio
Location: Cimarron
2:15 PM 2B.1 - High-Performance Mesh Morphing with Adaptive B-Splines
Dmitry Pinaev, Sean Mauch
2:30 PM 2B.2 - CADfix API for Meshing Research
Nico Bergemann, Claire Pollard, Henry Bucklow and Mark Gammon
2:45 PM 2B.3 - Defeaturing Using Machine Learning
Steven Owen, Timothy Shead, Shawn Martin

Session 3 - Adapted High-Order Meshes

3:30 PM - 5:10 PM

Session 3 - Adapted High-Order Meshes
Session Chair: Adrien Loseille
Location: Ballroom F
3:30 PM 3.1 - P2 Mesh Optimization Operators
Rémi Feuillet, Adrien Loseille, Frédéric Alauzet
3:55 PM 3.2 - Isometric Embedding of Curvilinear Meshes Defined on Riemannian Metric Spaces
Philip Caplan, Robert Haimes, Xevi Roca
4:20 PM 3.3 - Defining a Stretching and Alignment Aware Quality Measure for Linear and Curved 2D Meshes
Xevi Roca, Guillermo Aparicio, Abel Gargallo-Peiro
4:45 PM 3.4 - Curvilinear Mesh Adaptation
Jean-François Remacle, Ruili Zhang, Amaury Johnen

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Session 4A - Mesh and Geometry Blocks
Session 4B - Simplicial Meshes

10:30 AM - 12:10 PM

Session 4A - Mesh and Geometry Blocks
Session Chair: Oleg Skipa
Location: Ballroom F
10:30 AM 4A.1 - An Angular Method with Position Control for Block Mesh Squareness Improvement
Jin Yao, Douglas Stillman Yu
10:55 AM 4A.2 - Dual Surface Based Approach to Block Decomposition of Solid Models
Shuming Gao, Zhihao Zheng, Rui Wang, Yizhou Liao, Mao Ding

11:20 AM 4A.3 - Automatic blocking of Shapes using Evolutionary Algorithm
Chi Wan Lim, Xiaofeng Yin, Tianyou Zhang; Yi Su, Chi Keong Goh, Alejandro Moreno, Shahrokh Shahpar
11:45 AM 4A.4 - Multiblock mesh refinement by adding mesh singularities
Cecil Armstrong, Tak Li, Christopher Tierney, Trevor Robinson
Session 4B - Simplicial Meshes
Session Chair: Nancy Hitschfeld
Location: Cimarron
10:30 AM 4B.1 - Tuned Terminal Triangles Centroid Delaunay Algorithm for Quality Triangulation
Maria-Cecilia Rivara, Pedro Rodriguez-Moreno
10:55 AM 4B.2 - Conformal Bisection for Local Refinement of Unstructured 4D Meshes
Abel Gargallo-Peiro, Guillem Belda-Ferrín, Xevi Roca

11:20 AM 4B.3 - A Construction of Anisotropic Meshes Based on Quasi Conformal Mapping
Na Lei; Yuxue Ren; Hang Si; Xiangfeng; David Gu
11:45 AM 4B.4 - Terminal Star Operations Algorithm for Tetrahedral Mesh Improvement
Maria-Cecilia Rivara, Fernando Balboa, Pedro Rodriguez-Moreno

Session 5A - Research Notes III - Miscellaneous Topics
Session 5B - Research Notes IV - Miscellaneous Topics

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

Session 5A - Research Notes III: Miscellaneous Topics
Session Chair: Joaquim Peiró
Location: Ballroom F
2:15 PM 5A.1 - High-order Curved Prismatic Mesh Generation Using Minimum Distance Fields
Jay Sitaraman, Beatrice Roget, Vinod Lakshminarayan, Michael Brazell
2:30 PM 5A.2 - Element Quality Metrics for Higher-Order Bernstein–Bezier Elements
Luke Engvall, John A. Evans
2:45 PM 5A.3 - Nekmesh: An Open-Source High-Order Mesh Generator
Dave Moxey, Michael Turner, Julian Marcon, Joaquim Peiro
Session 5B - Research Notes IV: Miscellaneous Topics
Session Chair: Angela Herring
Location: Cimarron
2:15 PM 5B.1 - A Geometric Mesh Quality Improvement Algorithm with Guarantees
Ramsharan Rangarajan, Adrian Lew
2:30 PM 5B.2 - A Combined Medial Object and Frame Approach to Compute Mesh Singularity Lines
Dimitrios Papadimitrakis, Cecil G. Armstrong, Trevor T. Robinson, Shahrokh Shahpar, Alan Le Moigne
2:45 PM 5B.3 - Moving meshes for shocks in p-adaptive flow simulations
Julian Marcon, David Moxey, Spencer J. Sherwin, Joaquim Peiro

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Session 6A - Curved High-Order Meshes
Session 6B - Parallel and Fast Meshing Methods

9:30 AM - 11:20 AM

Session 6A - Curved High-Order Meshes
Session Chair: Joaquim Peiró
Location: Ballroom F
9:30 AM 6A.1 - Towards Simulation-Driven Optimization of High-Order Meshes by the Target-Matrix Optimization Paradigm
Vladimir Tomov, Veselin Dobrev, Patrick Knupp, Tzanio Kolev
9:55 AM 6A.2 - Curving for Viscous Meshes
Steve Karman
10:20 AM

6A.3 - An Angular Approach to Untangling High-Order Curvilinear Triangular Meshes
Mike Stees, Suzanne Shontz
10:45 AM 6A.4 - Imposing Boundary Conditions to Match a CAD Virtual Geometry for the Mesh Curving Problem
Eloi Ruiz-Gironés, Xevi Roca
Session 6B - Parallel and Fast Meshing Methods
Session Chair: Suzanne Shontz
Location: Ballroom F
9:30 AM 6B.1 - Accurate Manycore-Accelerated Manifold Surface Remesh Kernels
Hoby Rakotoarivelo, Franck Ledoux
9:55 AM 6B.2 - Parallel Performance Model for Vertex Repositioning Algorithms and Application to Mesh Partitioning
Domingo Benitez, Jose M. Escobar, Rafael Montenegro, Eduardo Rodriguez
10:20 AM

6B.3 - Discrete Mesh Optimization on GPU
Daniel Zint, Roberto Grosso
10:45 AM 6B.4 - Mesh Morphing for Turbomachinery Applications Using Radial Basis Functions
Ismail Bello; Shahrokh Shahpar

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