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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

(505) 844-2376

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Meshing Contest

A meshing contest will be held as part of IMR 27. The details of the contest are listed below. The participants can submit their meshes in order to demonstrate the abilities of their meshing software in either of two disciplines:

Participants will generate surface (triangular, quad-dominant, quad, etc.) or volume (tetrahedral/hexahedral/hex-dominant etc.) meshes or a combination of both. Two models are provided to start from: a CAD model in SAT/IGES/STEP format and a discrete CAD model in STL format. The discrete CAD model has two versions: a watertight cleaned-up version and a “dirty” one. Contributions on mesh post-processing can be made based on either the “clean” or the “dirty” discrete CAD model.

All interested participants must send an email to the IMR committee by August XX, 2018 to indicate their willingness to take part in the meshing contest. Please contact: John Verdicchio

The presentation form will be a poster showing the details of the mesh and providing additional information as listed below. Along with detailed mesh images, the poster must provide the following information on the mesh:

As the IMR is in Albuquerque this year and Albuquerque is famous for its balloon festival the committee have supplied a relief map of the Sandia mountains, courtesy of the US Geological Society and a model of a balloon, thanks to https://grabcad.com/library/hot-air-balloon-life-size-detailed#!.

Please mesh, if possible, the balloon and the landscape so they make an interesting display. The scale between the two models is NOT important.

To enter, participants must generate a mesh for one of the two CAD model options chosen by the IMR committee. Click the links below, download and unzip to access the files. Please note that 7zip is a free software which can be downloaded from: www.7-zip.org

To download the models click: Download Models

Note: Chrome users may encounter an error when downloading the models. If you encounter this issue, please try using another browser for the download process until the issue is resolved. If you continue encountering download issues with other browsers, contact kloeppk@sandia.gov.

All posters will be considered for the “Meshing Maestro” award and the image of the winning mesh will be used for the next IMR’s T-shirt. The voting for the “Meshing Maestro” award will be done by IMR-27 attendees.

In addition, the submitted meshes will be considered for the “Best Technical Mesh” award. The voting will be done by the conference attendees. In order to support this process, we ask that all Meshing Contest participants bring a laptop to interactively show their mesh to the attendees. It is also requested that mesh quality statistics be shown on the poster and/or interactively and communicated clearly to anyone who comes to see your demo.

Meshing Contest images will be posted on the IMR website. Please provide a pdf version of your poster for the IMR website by August 8, 2018. Also please provide a 1-page PowerPoint slide that will be used for a 90 second introduction to your poster to all attendees in a Poster/Meshing Contest introduction session.

Posters have to be provided in a landscape A0 format (841 mm x 1189 mm or 33.1" x 46.8"), and logistics for printing and getting the poster to the venue are the responsibility of the author.

Email your note of commitment (in a simple email) by August 8, 2018 to John Verdicchio. Use the same email address to submit the 1-page PowerPoint introductory slide and the PDF version of the poster by September 24, 2018.

Your web site contact: kloeppk@sandia.gov