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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

(505) 844-2376

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csimsoft User Forum Tutorial Information

Title: Using Trelis/Cubit for Geometry Creation and Mesh Generation

Instructor: Dr. Karl Merkley

This hands-on tutorial provides step-by-step instructions that walk users through a series of activities that are designed to familiarize users with Trelis/Cubit. Learn how to create and modify geometry, use various schemes and techniques to produce high-quality hexahedral and tetrahedral meshes, specify boundary conditions and material properties, and export the mesh. Trelis and Cubit are very similar and users may use either during the tutorial. If a user has neither software installed we suggest visiting www.csimsoft.com/trial to obtain a free, 30-day trial copy prior to the tutorial.

csimsoft User Tutorial Schedule
User Forum Tutorial Session C-4, 8:00 AM, Friday, September 30, 2016
User Forum Tutorial Information D-3, 10:30 AM, Friday, September 30, 2016

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