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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

(505) 844-2376

Meshing Contest

A meshing contest will be held as part of IMR 25. The details of the contest are listed below.

The contest will have two categories industrial and academic. Interested participants will need to submit final meshes in either of the two categories but not both. Academic meshing code as well as industrial products may be used to generate these meshes. Academic and Industrial submissions will be judged separately.

There will be two models to choose from. These models can be a mix of both solid, chunky or thin walled parts. The parts will be made available in IGES/STEP format. For submission in either academic or industrial category one might choose the same model.

Participants will generate surface (quads, quad-dominant, triangular), tetrahedral or hexahedral/hex-dominant meshes or a combination of them depending on the problem addressed at a given mesh size for each model.

All interested participants must send an email to the IMR committee by June 30, 2016 to indicate their willingness to take part in the meshing contest. Please contact: Nilanjan Mukherjee

All participants who have made a commitment are required to submit the final mesh on or before July 31, 2016. The final mesh submitted must be in a Nastran BDF (Bulk Data Deck) format. Along with the final mesh participants must submit a mesh report. The mesh report must be a single page word doc(x) file , available to all IMR attendees, documenting the following details about the mesh.

To enter, participants must generate a mesh for one of the two CAD model options chosen by the IMR committee. Click the links below, download and unzip to access the files. Please note that 7zip is a free software which can be downloaded from: www.7-zip.org

  1. White House
  2. Exhaust Fan

The Meshing Contest will present three awards - one each from academic and industrial meshes and one mesh for the T-shirt for IMR 26 based on whatever criteria the judges think fit.

The judges of the meshing contest will be the IMR-25 Organizing Committee and IMR-25 attendees. Attendees will be requested not to judge meshes merely by their size.

Email your note of commitment (in a simple email) by July 13, 2016 (Note: this is an extension from the original June 30 due date) and your final mesh and detailed report by July 31 to Nilanjan Mukherjee.

Your web site contact: kloeppk@sandia.gov