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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

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CADfix, ITI - International TechneGroup Inc. User Forum Tutorial Information

Title: Quick, efficient and reliable adaptation of geometry for CAE meshing

Instructor: Steve Utterdyke, Senior Technical Consultant

CAE is a trade-off between accuracy of results and time and money spent in acquiring them. Intricate design details many times have little or no impact on the analytical response of a model to simulated operating conditions. Instead, intricate detail or overly complicated topology only serves as a barrier for quick and efficient meshing, prepping and solving of a simulation model. Topological optimization for meshing and “defeaturing” a CAD model for re-use in CAE in a reliable in efficient manner is key in meeting product development deadlines. CADfix is a software application specializing in the quick, efficient and reliable adaptation of geometry for analysis - addressing CAD model features and topological conditions that may constrain meshing and hamper the CAE process.


  1. Introduction of CADfix and use cases for tutorial
  2. Hands on import of CAD model
  3. Automated diagnosis of geometry and topological issues preventing seamless CAE usage
  4. Hands on repair of geometry and topological issues
  5. Hands on defeaturing of unwanted CAD features for downstream CAE model
  6. Users repeat b-e for various demo models with instructor available for questions

Visit http://cadfix.eu/IMR_2016/CADfix11_IMR2016.zip to download a trial version of CADfix for the user forum. The trial version requires a licence key that may be obtained by sending an email to works_supp@iti-global.com.

The trial version and licence will also be available on the day via a USB pen drive.

CADfix, ITI - International TechneGroup Inc. User Tutorial Schedule
User Forum Tutorial Session A-4, 1:00 PM, Thursday, September 29, 2016
User Forum Tutorial Session D-4, 10:30 AM, Friday, September 30, 2016

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