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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator

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EGADS by Robert Haimes, MIT User Forum Tutorial Information

Title: The Use of Geometry from within the Engineering Sketch Pad The EGADS API

Instructor: Robert Haimes

The Engineering Sketch Pad (ESP) is a collection of integrated APIs built up to solve the problem of providing a consistent underpinning for Design through Analysis. ESP supports the ability to have a single set of parameters drive the design in a true multi-fidelity and multidisciplinary setting. The API that communicates with grid generators and solvers is CAPS (Computational Aircraft Prototype Syntheses), where the API that contains a differentiated parametric build engine is OpenCSM (the Open Constructive Solid Modeler). EGADS (the Electronic Geometry Aircraft Design System) is the API that performs both Bottom-up and Top-down geometric construction and is foundational for all APIs and plug-ins found within ESP.

This short course discusses the use of EGADS (the solid modeling geometry kernel) within ESP. Concepts such as the geometry types supported, topological hierarchy, attribution, import, export and the EGADS tessellator will be discussed. Focus will be on the parts of EGADS that are useful for meshing. An overview of the distribution will be covered for those attendees that wish to install and tryout the software during IMR.

ESP is open-source and freely available at: http://acdl.mit.edu/ESP.

EGADS User Tutorial Schedule
User Forum Tutorial Session A-3, 1:00 PM, Thursday, September 29, 2016

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