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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator
(505) 844-2376


This year the International Meshing Roundtable will be presenting five awards. These awards include:

Best Technical Paper and Best Technical Student Paper Award

The conference steering committee will select the best paper appearing in the annual conference proceedings based on the reviews.  New for the 015 IMR, papers will fall into two categories, student and non-student papers. An award will be given for the best student and best non-student papers. The factors on which the best paper is selected include Originality, Technical Quality, Impact, Relevance to the IMR, and Presentation.

Best Technical Poster Award

Awards will be given to the Best Technical Posters. The Poster Session is an ideal forum for authors who would prefer not to submit a formal technical paper, but would like to illustrate state-of-the-art techniques and procedures in which they are currently involved. Session speakers are also invited to display practical results of their work at the poster session. The conference steering committee will select winners for the best technical posters. To participate in the poster session, you must be attending the conference. Mark the appropriate box on the registration form to indicate your participation and the number of posters you intend to display at the poster session.

Please reference the Poster Session page for further detail.

Poster Criteria:

  1. Technical issue being addressed
  2. Creativity of proposed solution to issue
  3. Impact of solution on technical community
  4. Quality of technical presentation

Meshing Contest

The award winner of the Meshing Contest will be selected by the International Meshing Roundtable steering committee. This contest is based on a CAD model that is to be meshed by the contest participants. The primary criterion used for the Meshing Contest award is based on the aesthetic appeal of the mesh.

Please reference the Meshing Contest page for further details.

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