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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator
(505) 844-2376

Professional Development Session

During the IMR conference a Professional Development Session will be offered. This discussion style session is targeted toward students and postdocs. A six-person panel including experts from academia, industry, and laboratories will address questions from the audience and the session chair. Potential topics include forthcoming trends in meshing, desired skill profiles for university / industry / laboratory job opportunities, meshing job growth in the current economy, etc.

The Professional Development Session is scheduled for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Panel Members for the 23rd International Meshing Roundtable

Information regarding additional Panel Members will be coming soon.

Panel Members are as follows:

Cecil G. Armstrong, Queen's University of Belfast

Cecil G. Armstrong is Professor of Computer-Aided Engineering at the Queen's University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, where he has been a member of staff since 1984. He introduced the use of the medial axis transform for analysis applications and has had a long term interest in both hex mesh generation and 'defining simulation intent' with respect to modelling and idealisation. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Dr. Franck Ledoux, CEA DAM

Franck Ledoux is a researcher and software developer at CEA DAM. He has 10 years of experience in mesh generation. His research has mainly focused on the design of mesh data structure and the definition of quadrilateral and hexahedral meshing algorithms. An associate professor since 2009 at the University of Evry Val d’Essonne (France) where he teaches software engineering, object and component-oriented design and parallel programming. He received his Ph. D. in 2002 for his work mixing algebraic specifications and computational geometry.

Katie Lewis - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Katie Lewis is the project leader for a massively parallel meshing project at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She has 15 years of experience with mesh generation and partitioning. Her work has been used to successfully support simulations on over one million processors. Katie received her B.S. in Mathematics from the University of San Francisco in 1998.

Mark Loriot, Distene

After post-graduating his MSc in fluid mechanics and numerical analysis at the University of Paris 6, Mark Loriot joined Simulog, a French services company addressing scientific simulation. He was promoted in 1995 to Technical Manager of the preprocessing, postprocessing and parallel computing group, then became Manager of the Scientific Computing business unit of Simulog. In 1996, this B.U. launched the project that originated Distene's current meshing software products. In 2001, he became the Chief of Operations of Simulog Technologies, an independent business unit of Simulog. In 2004, he co-founded Distene, successor of Simulog Technologies acquired through an MBO, and became its executive President. Distene has since become a leading provider of OEM meshing software components used throughout the world in various major simulation products.

Dr. Suzanne Shontz, University of Kansas

Suzanne M. Shontz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Kansas and has nearly 15 years of experience in mesh generation. Her meshing research is in the areas of mesh warping, mesh optimization, mesh untangling, finite elements, and parallel meshing. More broadly, she works in the area of parallel scientific computing. In 2012, she received an NSF Presidential Early Career Award (i.e., NSF PECASE Award) from President Obama for her work in computational- and data-enabled science and engineering.

Joe Walsh, CEO, intrinSIM, LLC

Joe Walsh and has over 35 years of experience and expertise in the CAE, CAD, interoperability and component software industries.

Mr. Walsh formed intrinSIM LLC to improve the effectiveness of the engineering software space by connecting business & technology on a world wide basis. He specializes in route to market issues, emerging and enabling technologies. Prior to intrinSIM, Mr. Walsh was the Vice President of Business Development for Simmetrix, where he was responsible for all commercial business activities. Before joining Simmetrix he was Vice President of Worldwide Sales for IronCAD LLC, Vice President of North American Sales for Spatial Corp. partner and co/founder of New Renaissance Industries, President and CEO of FEGS Inc, President and CEO of PAFEC Inc., and spent 10 years as an engineering analyst specializing in CAD/CAE integration, CAE automation, and design optimization. Mr. Walsh holds a Bachelors degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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