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Cherri Porter
Conference Coordinator
(505) 844-2788


Monday, October 14, 2013

10:15 am - 11:55 am

Session 1. Quad and Hex Meshing

Session 1 - Quad and Hex Meshing
Session Chair: Matt Staten
  1.1 - Robust One-to-One Sweeping with Harmonic S-T Mappings and Cages
- Shengyong Cai and Timothy J. Tautges

1.2 - Combining Size-preserving and Smoothing Procedures for Adaptive Quadrilateral Mesh Generation
E. Ruiz-Gironés, X. Roca, and J. Sarrate

  1.3 - Validation of Grid-Based Hex Meshes With Computational Solid Mechanics
- Steven J. Owen and Tim R. Shelton
  1.4 - T-spline Parameterization of 2D Geometries Based on the Meccano Method with a New T-mesh Optimization Algorithm
- J.I. López, M. Brovka, J.M. Escobar, J.M. Cascón and R. Montenegro

2:45 pm - 4:25 pm

Session 2 - Tri and Tet Meshing

Session 2 - Tri and Tet Meshing
Session Chair: Per-Olof Persson
  2.1 - MOSS: Multiple Orthogonal Strand System
- Robert Haimes

2.2- Inserting a Curve into an Existing Two Dimensional Unstructured Mesh
- Daniel W. Zaide and Carl F. Ollivier-Gooch

  2.3 - Defining Quality Measures for Validation and Generation of High-order Tetrahedral Meshes
-Abel Gargallo-Peiro, Xevi Roca, Jaime Peraire, and Josep Sarrate
  2.4 - Idealized Models for FEA Derived from Generative Modeling Processes Based on Extrusion Primitives
-F. Boussuge, J-C. Léon, S. Hahmann, and L. Fine

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10:15 am - 12:20 pm

Session 3A - Quad and Hex Meshing
Session 3B - Tri and Tet Meshing

Session 3A - Quad and Hex Meshing
Session Chair: Matt Staten
  3A.1 - Advanced Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation from Surface Quad Meshes 
-Michael Kremer, David Bommes, Isaak Lim, and Leif Kobbelt

3A.2 - Multiblock Structured Mesh Generation for Turbomachinery Flows
-Zaib Ali and Paul G. Tucker

  3A.3 -  An Improved Hexahedral Mesh Matching Algorithm
-Jinming Chen, Hua Zhu, Shuming Gao, and Haiyan Wu
  3A.4 - Simple and Fast Interval Assignment Using Nonlinear and Piecewise Linear Objectives
-Scott A. Mitchell
Session 3B - Tri and Tet Meshing
Session Chair: Per-Olof Persson

3B.1 - 4D Space-Time Delaunay Meshing for Medical Images
- Panagiotis Foteinos and Nikos Chrisochoides


3B.2 - A Closed Advancing-layer Method With Changing Topology Mesh Movement for Viscous Mesh Generation
- F. Alauzet and D. Marcum


3B.3 - Triangulation of Implicitly Defined Mid-Surfaces
- Jules Bloomenthal
  3B.4 - On Finding Large Polygonal Voids Using Delaunay Triangulation: The Case of Planar Point Sets
- Carlos Hervías, Nancy Hitschfeld-Kahler, Luis E. Campusano, and Giselle Font

2:00 pm - 3:40 pm

Session 4A - Quality Optimization and Adaptivity
Session 4B - Geometry Description and Analysis

Session 4A - Quality Optimization and Adaptivity
Session Chair: Josep Sarrate

4A.1 -   Efficient and Global Optimization-Based Smoothing Methods for Mixed-Volume Meshes
- Dimitris Vartziotis and Benjamin Himpel


4A.2 - Polyhedral Mesh Generation and Optimization for Non-manifold Domains
- Rao V. Garimella, Jibum Kim, and Markus Berndt


4A.3 - PostBL: Post-mesh Boundary Layer Mesh Generation Tool
- Rajeev Jain and Timothy J. Tautges
  4A.4 - On Interpolation Errors over Quadratic Nodal Triangular Finite Elements
- Shankar P. Sastry and Robert M. Kirby
Session 4B - Geometry Description and Analysis
Session Chair: Michael Hancock
  4B.1 - Using Mesh-geometry Relationships to Transfer Analysis Models Between CAE Tools
Christopher Tierney, Declan Nolan, Trevor Robinson, and Cecil Armstrong

4B.2 - Automated Edge Grid Generation Based on Arc-Length Optimization
- David McLaurin and Suzanne M. Shontz


4B.3 - Volumetric T-spline Construction Using Boolean Operations
Lei Liu, Yongjie Zhang, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Michael A. Scott and Thomas W. Sederberg
  4B.4 - An Adaptive Parametric Surface Mesh Generation Method Guided by Curvatures
- Daniel M. B. de Siqueira, Markos O. Freitas, Joaquim B. Cavalcante-Neto, Creto A. Vidal, and Romildo J. da Silva

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Session 5A - Research Notes
Session 5B - Research Notes

Session 5A - Research Notes
Session Chair: David Martineau
  5A.1 - Anisotropic Advancing Front Quadrangulation with Optimization-based Smoothing
Philip Caplan, Robert Haimes, David L. Darmofal and Steven R. Allmaras

5A.2 - Inserting Curved Boundary Layers for Viscous Flow Simulation with High-orderTtetrahedra
- Abel Gargallo-Peiró, Xevi Roca, Josep Sarrate, and Jaime Peraire


5A.3 - A Practical Approach for Solving MeshOptimization Problems using Newton's Method
Jibum Kim, Rao V. Garimella, and Markus Berndt
  5A.4 - ALE Mesh Updating using Mesh OptimisationA
- Alan Kelly, Lukasz Kaczmarczyk, Ross Mackenzie, and Chris Pearce
Session 5B - Research Notes
Session Chair: Brian Jean
  5B.1 - LayTracks3D: Mesh Generator for General Assembly Models using Medial Axis Transform
William Roshan Quadros

5B.2 - Uniting Dissimilar Hex Meshes to Achieve a Many-to-Many Swept Topology
- Brett Clark and Ivan Yorgason


5B.3 - Adaptive All-Hexahedral Mesh GenerationBased on A Hybrid Octree and Bubble Packing
Kangkang Hu, Jin Qian, and Yongjie Zhang
  5B.4 - Towards an Efficient Distributed Geometry for Parallel Mesh Generation
- David Martineau, Jeremy Gould, and Jacques Papper

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10:00 am - 11:55 am

Session 6A - Meshing Software and Data Structure Quad and Hex Meshing
Session 6B - Parallel Meshing

Session 6A - Meshing Software and Data StructureQuad and Hex Meshing
Session Chair: Franck Ledoux
  6A.1 - AHF: Array-based Half-Facet Data Structure for Mixed-Dimensional and Non-manifold Meshes
- Vladimir Dyedov, Navamita Ray, Daniel Einstein, Xiangmin Jiao, and Timothy J. Tautges

6A.2 - Representing Simplicial Complexes with Mangroves
David Canino and Leila De Floriani

  6A.3 - CGoGN: n-dimensional Meshes with Combinatorial Maps
- Pierre Kraemer, Lionel Untereiner, Thomas Jund, Sylvain Thery, and David Cazier
  6A.4 - A Computer-Assisted Proof of Correctness of a Marching Cubes Algorithm
- Andrey N. Chernikov and Jing Xu
Session 6B - Parallel Meshing
Session Chair: Nikos Chrisochoides
  6B.1 - Multithread Lepp-Bisection Algorithm for Tetrahedral Meshes
- Pedro A. Rodriguez and Maria-Cecilia Rivara

6B.2 - Serial and Parallel Mesh Modification Through a Unique Cavity-Based Primitive
- Adrien Loseille and Victorien Menier

  6B.3 - Fine-Grained Parallel Algorithm for Unstructured Surface Mesh Generation
- Jianjun Chen, Dawei Zhao, Yao Zheng, Zhengge Huang, and Jianjing Zheng
  6B.4 - Performance Evaluation of a Parallel Algorithm for Simultaneous Untangling and Smoothing of Tetrahedral Meshes
-Domingo Benítez, Eduardo Rodríguez, José M. Escobar and Rafael Montenegro

11:45 am - 12:30 pm

Session 7A - Research Notes
Session 7B - Research Notes

Session 7A - Research Notes
Session Chair: Brian Jean
  7A.1 - A study on generation of three-dimensionalM-uniform tetrahedral meshes in practiceMultithread Lepp-Bisection Algorithm for Tetrahedral Meshes
- Lennard Kamenski and Hang Si

7A.2 - A Guaranteed Quality Boundary GradedTriangular Meshing Algorithm Backed by a Computer-Assisted Proof
- Jing Xu and Andrey N. Chernikov

  7A.3 - Towards Tetrahedral Meshing with Decoupled Element and Boundary Constraints
- Jonathan R. Bronson, Shankar P. Sastry, Mark B. Kim,Joshua A. Levine, and Ross T. Whitaker
Session 7B - Research Notes
Session Chair: Michael Hancock
  7B.1 - On Shape-regularity of Polyhedral Meshes for Solving PDEs
- Konstantin Lipnikov

7B.2 - Polytope: A New Parallel Framework for Computing Voronoi Meshes on Complex Boundaries
- D. P. Starinshak, J. M. Owen, and J. N. Johnson

  7B.3 - Universal Meshes for Computing with Non-conforming Tetrahedralization
- Hardik Kabaria and Adrian Lew

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