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Cherri Porter
Conference Coordinator
(505) 844-2788


Monday, October 8, 2012

10:15 am - 11:30 am

Session 1 - Mesh Morphing and Moving Meshes

Session 1 - Mesh Morphing and Moving Meshes
Session Chair: Xiangmin Jiao
  1.1  High Quality Mesh Morphing Using Triharmonic Radial Basis Functions
- Daniel Sieger, Stefan Menzel and Mario Botsch

1.2  Efficient Moving Mesh Technique Using Generalized Swapping
-Frederic Alauzet

  1.3  An H-R Moving Mesh Method for One-Dimensional Time-Dependent PDEs
-Benjamin Ong, Robert Russell and Steven Ruuth

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Session 2 - Mesh Quality and Mesh Improvement

Session 2 - Mesh Quality and Mesh Improvement
Session Chair: Josep Sarrate
  2.1  Mesh Improvement Methodology for 3D Volumes with Non-Planar Surfaces
- Alan Kelly, Lukasz Kaczmarczyk and Chris J Pearce

2.2  Robust Untangling of Curvilinear Meshes
- Jean-Francois Remacle, Thomas Toulorge and Johathan Lambrechts

  2.3   Defining Quality Measures For Meshes on Parameterized CAD Surfaces
-Abel Gargallo-Peiro, Xevi Roca, Jaime Peraire, Josep Sarrate

4:30 pm - 6:10 pm

Session 3 - Hex and Quad Meshing I

Session 3 - Hex and Quad Meshing I
Session Chair: Matthew Staten
  3.1   Automated Structured All-Quadrilateral and Hexahedral Meshing of Tubular Surfaces
- Guanglei Xiong, Suraj Musuvathy and Tong Fang

3.2  A Study on Size-Optimal Longest Edge Refinement Algorithms
- Carlos Bedregal and Maria-Cecilia Rivara

  3.3   A PDE Based Approach to Multi-Domain Partitionain and quadrilateral Meshing
- Nicolas Kowalski, Franck Ledoux and Pascal Frey
  3.4   A Robust 2-Refinement Algorithm in Octree and Rhombic Dodecahedral Tree Based All-Hexahedral Mesh Generation
- Yongjie Zhang, Xianghua Liang and Guoliang Xu

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10:15 am - 12:20 pm

Session 4A - Tri and Tet Meshing
Session 4B - Hex and Quad Meshing II

Session 4A - Tri and Tet Meshing
Session Chair: John Dannenhoffer
  4A.1   Incrementally Constructing and Updating Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralizations with Finite Precision Coordinates
-Hang Si and Jonathan Richard Shewchuk

4A.2  Lattice Cleaving: Conforming Tetrahedral Meshes of Multimaterial Domains with Bounded Quality
-Jonathan Bronson, Joshua Levine and Ross Whitaker

  4A.3  Singularities in Parametric Meshing
-Romain Aubry, Kaan Karamete, Eric Mestreau and Saikat Dey
  4A.4   Automatic 3D Mesh Generation of Multiple Domains for Topology Optimization Methods
-Jean-Christophe Cuilliere, Vincent Francois and Jean-Marc Drouet

4A.5   SVM-Based Topological Optimization of Tetrahedral Meshes
-Xiaoshen Chen, Dewen Peng and Shuming Gao

Session 4B - Hex and Quad Meshing II
Session Chair: Geoffrey Butlin

4B.1  Diamond-Kite Meshes: Adaptive Quadrilateral Meshing and Orthogonal Circle Packing
- David Eppstein


4B.2  Quadrilateral Mesh Generation using Hierarchical Templates
- Antoniio Miranda and Luiz Martha


4B.3   Geometric Reasoning in Sketch-Based Volumetric Decomposition Frameworkfor Hexahedral Meshing
- Jean Hsiang-Chun Lu, Inho Song, William Roshan Quadros and Kenji Shimada
  4B.4   A Constrained-Based System for Hexahedral Mesh Transformation
- Franck Ledoux, Nicolas Le Goff, Steve Owen, Matthew Staten and Jean-Christophe Weill
  4B.5  Automatic Hexahedral Sweep Mesh Generation of Open Volumes 
- Nilanjan Mukherjee, Bhanu Peddi, Jean Cabello and Michael Hancock

2:00 pm - 3:40 pm

Session 5A - Surface Meshing
Session 5B - Parallel Meshing and GPU Algorith

Session 5A - Surface Meshing
Session Chair: Jean-Christophe Weill

5A.1  Variational Anisotropic Surface Meshing with Voronoi Parallel Linear Enumeration
- Bruno Levy and Nicolas Bonneel


5A.2  Anisotropic Rectangular Metric for Polygonal Surface Remeshing
- Bertrand Pellenard, Jean-Marie Morvan and Pierre Alliez


5A.3  Surface Mesh Optimization, Adaption, and Untangling with High-Order Accuracy
- Bryan Clark, Navamita Ray and Xiangmin Jiao
  5A.4   Surface Segmentation for Improved Remeshing
- John Edwards, Wenping Wang and Chandrajit Bajaj
Session 5B - Parallel Meshing and GPU Algorithms
Session Chair: Brian Jean
  5B.1  Parallel Curved Mesh Adaptation for Large Scale High-Order Finite Element Simulations
Qiukai Lu, Mark S. Shephard, Saurabh Tendulkar and Mark W. Beall

5B.2  Parallel Adaptive Boundary Layer Meshing for Adaptive CFD Analysis
- Aleksandr Ovcharenko, Kedar Chitale, Onkar Sahni, Kenneth E. Jansen and Marks S. Shephard


5B.3   A 2nd Generation Parallel Advancing Front Grid Generator
Rainald Lohner
  5B.4   CPU-GPU Algorithms for Triangular Surface Mesh Simplification
- Suzanne M. Shontz and Dragos Mihai Nistor

4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

Session 6A - Research Notes - I (Surface and Geometry)
Session 6B - Research Notes - II (Finite Element Analysis and Adaptivity)

Session 6A - Research Notes - I (Surface and Geometry)
Session Chair: Michael Hancock


6A.1 Dynamic Mesh Optimization for Free Surfaces in Fluid Simulation
David Lopez and Bruno Levy


6A.2 Surface Mesh Generation Based on Surface Mosaics
- Ziaowei Ma, Yu-Kun Lai and Ralph R. Martin


6A.3  A Course-To-Fine Approach for Efficient Deformation of Curved High-Order Meshes
-Hemant Chaurasia, Xevi Roca, Per-Olof Persson and Jaime Peraire

  6A.4   Tetrahedral Mesh Construction for Unit Tangent Bundle over Genus-Zero Surfaces
Xiaotian Yin, Wei Han, Xianfeng Gu, Shing-Tung Yau
Session 6B - Research Notes II (Finite Element Anaylsis and Adaptivity)
Session Chair: Matthew Staten
  6B.1 Computational Cost of Simplices Versus Parallelotopes for Galerkin Methods
Aleksandar Angeloski, Xevi Roca,Jaime Peraire and Antonio Huerta

6B.2  Local Solutioned-Based Mesh Adaptation for Unstructured Grids in Complex Three-Dimensional Domains
- Hoang-Huy Nguyen, Vinh-Tan Nguyen and Oubay Hassan


6B.3  Higher-Order Interpolation for Mesh Adaptation
Estelle Mbinky, Frederic Alauzet, Adrien Loseille
  6B.4   A Methodoloty for FEA Over Tangled Meshes
- Josh Danczyk and Krishnan Suresh

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10:15 am - 11:00 am

Session 7A - Boundary Layer and Polytopal Meshes
Session 7B - Applications

Session 7A - Boundary Layer and Polytopal Meshes
Session Chair: Jean-Christoph Weill
  7A.1  Robust Boundry Layer Mesh Generation
- Adrien Loseille and Rainald Lohner

7A.2  Improving Element-Boundary Alignment in All-Hex Meshes of Thin-Walled Solids by Side-Face Identification
- Soji Yamakawa and Kenji Shimada

  7A.3   Open Volume Mesh: A Versatile Index-Based Data Structure for 3D Plytopal Complexes
- Michael Kremer, David Bommes and Leif Kobbelt
Session 7B - Applications
Session Chair: Michael Hancock
  7B.1   Automated Hex Meshing For Turbomachinery Secondary Air System
- Feng Wang and Luca Di Mare
  7B.2   Edge-Based Anisotropic MeshAdaptation for CFD Applications
-Thierry Coupez, Ghina Jannoun, Jeremy Veysset and Elie Hachem
  7B.3  Impacts of Boundary Conforming Meshes on Electrical Cardiac Simulation
- Darrell J. Swenson, Joshua A. Levine, Jess D. Tate, Ross T. Whi

10:15 am - 11:00 am

Session 8A - Research Notes - III (Mesh Smoothing and Adaptation)
Session 8B - Research Notes - IV

Session 8A - Research Notes - III (Mesh Smoothing and Adaptation)
Session Chair: John Dannenhoffer
  8A.1  Parallel Smoothing for Grid-Based Methods
- Steven J. Owen

8A.2  Metric-Field Conditioning for Mesh Adaptation Problems
- Ved Vyas and Kenji Shimada

  8A.3   Quick Kernel Ball Region Approximation for Improved Laplace Smoothing
- Jean Cabello

8A.4  A Generic Hyper Tree Grid Implementation for AMR Mesh Manipulation and Visualization in VTK
- Thierry Carrard, Charles Law and Philippe Pebay

Session 8B - Research Notes - IV
Session Chair: Josep Sarrate
  8B.1   A Voronoi-Based Hybrid Meshing Method
- Jeanne Pellerin, Bruno Levy and Guillaume Caumon
  8B.2   Hybrid Viscous Layer Insertion in a Tetrahedral Mesh
- Buillaume Vialaneix, Yvan Fournier and Tamy Boubekeur

8B.3 Lloyd Relaxation Using Analytical Voronoi Diagram in the L Norm and it's Application to Quad Optimization
- Thibaud Mouton and Eric Bechet

  8B.4   Application of Harmonic Mapping on One-To_One Sweeping
- Shengyong Cai and Tim Tautges

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