Monday, October 15, 2007
8:00 am Registration (Prefunction Room)
8:30 am Welcome (Great Room 1)
Master of Ceremonies: David Marcum
8:45 am Keynote Speaker - Mark Shephard – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Great Room 1)
9:45 am Break

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Session 1A - Tetrahedral Meshing 1 and 1B - Optimization and Adaptivity
(parallel sessions)
Session 1A - Tetrahedral Meshing 1
Session Chair: D. Marcum

(Great Room 1)
10:00 am 1A.1 Aggressive Tetrahedral Mesh Improvement
Bryan Matthew Klingner and Jonathan Richard Shewchuk
10:30 am 1A.2 Three–Dimensional Semi-Generalized Point Placements for Delaunay Mesh Refinement
Andrey N. Chernikov and Nikos Chrisochoides
11:00 am 1A.3 SVR: Practical Engineering for a Fast 3D Meshing Algorithm
Umut A. Acar, Benoît Hudson, Gary L. Miller, and Todd Phillips
11:30 am 1A.4 Construction of Sparse Well–Spaced Point Sets for Quality Tetrahedralizations
Ravi Jampani and Alper Üngör
Session 1B - Optimization and Adaptivity
Session Chair: B. Simpson
(Studio 7& 8)
10:00 am 1B.1 Interleaving Delaunay Refinement and Optimization for 2D Triangle Mesh Generation
Jane Tournois, Pierre Alliez, and Olivier Devillers
10:30 am 1B.2 A New Meccano Technique for Adaptive 3–D Triangulations
J. M. Cascón, R. Montenegro, J. M. Escobar, E. Rodríguez, and G. Montero
11:00 am 1B.3 Well–Centered Planar Triangulation – An Iterative Approach
Evan VanderZee, Anil N. Hirani, Damrong Guoy, and Edgar Ramos
11:30 am 1B.4 Generation of Quasi–Optimal Meshes Based on a Posteriori Erro Estimates
Abdellatif Agouzal, Konstantin Lipnikov, Yuri Vassilevski
12:00 pm Lunch & Poster Session - provided (Great Room 2)
2:00 pm -
4:00 pm
Session 2 - Geometry
Session Chair: J. Walsh
(Great Room 1)
2:00 pm 2.1 An Efficient Geometrical Model for Meshing Applications in Heterogeneous Environments
Andrey Mezentsev
2:30 pm 2.2 Hole–Filling Algorithm Using Non–Uniform Rational B–Splines
Amitesh Kumar, Alan Shih, Yasushi Ito, Douglas Ross, and Bharat Soni
3:00 pm 2.3 Removing Small Features with Real Solid Modeling Operations
Brett W. Clark
3:30 pm 2.4 Automatic Extraction of Quadrilateral Patches from Triangulated Surfaces Using Morse Theory
John William Branch, Flavio Prieto, and Pierre Boulanger
4:00 pm Adjourn

4:15 - 5:15 pm (Studio 7 & 8) Monday - Oct. 15th
Verdict Editorial Board Meeting

This meeting is open to the public.

This will be the first meeting of the editorial board of the Verdict geometric quality library. This board is formed to review proposed modifications to Verdict, such as quality functions for inclusion into or removal from the library. The main goal of this meeting will be to discuss the charter of the board and practical organizational matters.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
8:00 am Registration (Prefunction Room)
8:30 am Invited Speaker - Charles Loop, Microsoft Research
(Great Room 1)
9:30 am Break
9:45 am -
11:45 am
Session 3A - Hexahedral Meshing and 3B - Surface Meshing (parallel sessions)
Session 3A - Hexahedral Meshing
Session Chair: S. Yamakawa
(Great Room 1)
9:45 am 3A.1 An Extension of the Whisker Weaving Algorithm
Franck Ledoux and Jean-Christope Weill
10:15 am 3A.2 Methods and Applications of Generalized Sheet Insertion for Hexahedral Meshing
Karl Merkley, Corey Ernst, Jason Shepherd, and Michael J. Borden
10:45 am 3A.3 A Selective Approach to Conformal Refinement of Unstructured Hexahedral Finite Element Meshes
Michael Parrish, Michael Borden, Matthew Staten, and Steven Benzley
11:15 am 3A.4 pCAMAL: An Embarrassingly Parallel Hexahedral Mesh Generator
Philippe P. Pébay, Michael B. Stephenson, Leslie A. Fortier, Steven J. Owen, and Darryl J. Melander
Session 3B - Surface Meshing
Session Chair: E. Ascoli
(Studio 7 & 8)
9:45 am 3B.1 An Extension of the Advancing Front Method to Composite Geometry
G. Foucault, J-C. Cuillière, V. François, J-C. Léon, and R. Maranzana
10:15 am 3B.2 A Mesh Morphing Technique for Geometrically Dissimilar Tessellated Surfaces
Radhika Vurputoor, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Jean Cabello, and Michael Hancock
10:45 am 3B.3 Mesh Sizing with Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams
Lakulish Antani, Christophe Delage, and Pierre Alliez
11:15 am  3B.4 Overlaying Surface Meshes: Extension and Parallelization
Ankita Jain and Xiangmin Jiao
11:45 am Lunch (Not provided. On your own.)
1:45 pm Invited Speaker - Tom Grandine, Phantom Works (Great Room 1)
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Session 4 - Applications and Three-Dimensional Techniques
Session Chair: M. Brewer
(Great Room 1)
3:00 pm 4.1 Automatic 3D Mesh Generation for a Domain with Multiple Materials
Yongjie Zhang, and Thomas J. R. Hughes, and Chandrajit L. Bajaj
3:30 pm 4.2 Mixed–Element Mesh for an Intra–Operative Modeling of the Brain Tumor Extraction
Claudio Lobos, Marek Bucki, Nancy Hitschfeld, and Yohan Payan
4:00 pm 4.3 Geometric Algorithms for 3D Interface Reconstruction
Hyung Taek Ahn and Mikhail Shashkov
4:30 pm 4.4. k–Compatible Tessellations
Philippe P. Pébay and David Thompson
5:00 pm Adjourn
6:30 pm Banquet - W Seattle Hotel (Great Room 2)
7:30 pm Banquet Speaker: Scott Eberhardt, Boeing

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
8:00 am Registration (Prefunction Room)
8:30 am Invited Speaker - Doug Post (Great Room 1)
9:30 am Break
9:45 am -
11:45 am
Session 5A - Tetrahedral Meshing 2 and 5B - Applications and Software (parallel sessions)
Session 5A - Tetrahedral Meshing 2
Session Chair: R. Garimella
(Great Room 1)
9:45 am 5A.1 Meshing 3D Domains Bounded by Piecewise Smooth Surfaces
Laurent Rineau and Mariette Yvinec
10:15 am 5A.2 Large Out–of–Core Tetrahedral Meshing
Aurélien Alleaume, Larent Francez, Mark Loriot, and Nathan Maman
10:45 am 5A.3 A Practical Delaunay Meshing Algorithm for a Large Class of Domains
Siu-Wing Cheng, Tamal K. Dey, and Joshua A. Levine
11:15 am 5A.4 Efficient Delaunay Mesh Generation from Sampled Scalar Functions
Samrat Goswami, Andrew Gillette, and Chandrajit Bajaj
Session 5B - Applications and Software
Session Chair: T. Michal
(Studio 7 & 8)
9:45 am 5B.1 Parallel Mesh Adaptation for Highly Evolving Geometries with Application to Solid Propellant Rocket
Damrong Guoy, Terry Wilmarth, Phillip Alexander, Ziangmin Jiao, Michael Campbell, Eric Shaffer, Robert Fiedler, William Cochran, Pornput Suriyamongkol
10:15 am 5B.2 New Applications of the Verdict Library for Standardized Mesh Verification
Philippe P. Pébay, David Thompson, Jason Shepherd, Patrick Knupp, Curtis Lisle, Vincent A. Magnotta, and Nicole M. Grosland
10:45 am 5B.3 An Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing
Steven J. Owen, Brett W. Clark, Darryl J. Melander, Michael Brewer, Jason F. Shepherd, Karl Merkley, Corey Ernst, and Randy Morris
11:15 am 5B.4 CUBIT and Seismic Wave Propagation Based Upon the Spectral–Element Method: An Advanced Unstructured Mesher for Complex 3D Geological Media
Emanuele Casarotti, Marco Stupazzini, Shiann Jong Lee, Dimitri Komatitsch, Antonio Piersanti, and Jeroen Tromp
11:45 am Adjourn

Sandia National Laboratory
Geometry and Meshing Technical Review
1:30PM-5:00PM Wednesday (Studio 7 & 8)

Following the regularly scheduled events at the International Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories will be hosting its annual Technical Review. This event will be open to the public. The CUBIT Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit has been funded by the US Department of Energy and developed by Sandia for over a decade. In addition to supporting a user-base of 100’s, it also serves as a framework for new geometry and mesh generation algorithms and research. The purpose of the Technical Review is to present current research and development activities currently underway in the CUBIT team and to solicit feedback from other experts in the field. This will be an informal forum where CUBIT developers will present aspects of their current research and development activities. Following the open session, a panel of invited experts will be asked to provide formal recommendations to the CUBIT team. The results of the panel will be considered in setting future directions for the project.

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