Keynote Speaker: Pascal Frey, Universite Pierre & Marie Curie

Pascal Frey is a professor of applied maths at the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, member of the Jacques Louis Lions laboratory (Y. Maday dir.), former member of the Gamma group (P.L. George, dir.) at INRIA research center. Research areas: surface and volume mesh generation, mesh adaptation, scientific computing, visualisation.

Perspectives of local anisotropic Delaunay mesh adaptation
In this lecture, we will focuss on h-adaptation based on the anisotropic Delaunay kernel in view of numerical simulations based on finite element methods. An application of this scheme will be presented in the area of rigid-body mesh movement. The robustness of the approach relies heavily on preserving mesh quality during each adaptation stage.

Invited Speakers:

Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Techniques
We describe a low-communication approach to the use of adaptive finite element methods with parallel computers, developed jointly with R. Bank at UCSD. The algorithm deals with load balancing in an a priori manner, and decouples the coupled elliptic problem into a set of independent subproblems. We give some numerical examples illustrating the approach, and then provide a rigorous analysis of the resulting solution quality. We give local and global error estimates for the solutions produced by the parallel algorithm by reinterpreting it as a partition of unity method, and by using some local estimates from the approximation theory literature. The algorithm is applicable to general elliptic equations in 2D and 3D polyhedral domains.

Banquet Speaker: Dipankar Choudhury, Fluent Inc.

Dr. Dipankar Choudhury is the Chief Technology Office at Fluent Incorporated, a leading Computational Fluid Dynamics software and solutions provider. He is responsible for directing Fluent Inc.'s R&D and funded development activities. Prior to his appointment in his current CTO role, Dr. Choudhury has held positions in software development, product management, overseas business development, consulting, and customer support.

Dr. Choudhury obtained his Ph.D. in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer from the University of Minnesota in 1987. He is a member of the ASME and of the AIAA and has CFD related publications in journals, conference proceedings and trade magazines.

The Central Role of Mesh Generation in Commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications
The use of commercial CFD analysis tools is now in its third decade. This talk provides a perspective on how CFD analysis has been applied in industry, the current status of the business, technology and software tools and their relevance to the needs of end users. Some thoughts are provided on evolving trends (both in technology as well as market needs and usage patterns) and the major mesh generation challenges that have to be overcome in order for CFD software to be employed more broadly in industrial applications.

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