Papers in PDF format are required, whether invited or contributed. These must be submitted to one of the listed topics for review by the session organizers. If you cannot find a topic that fits the content of your paper, please submit your paper to the "other" session.

Potential topics on the IMR Call for Papers List include but are not limited to:

How to Submit Your Paper:

Deadline: May 10, 2004, 8:00am Mountain Time

Due to some technical difficulties with the new paper submission server for the 13th IMR, we are unable to accept papers as documented in the registration materials sent to you earlier. If you have already submitted a paper to the site noted in the registration materials, please re-submit to either the ftp server or via email attachment as indicated below. We are sorry for any inconvenience that these technical difficulties may cause you, and are working diligently to correct the problem for future conferences.

Paper submissions will be accepted PDF format only. All fonts need to be embedded. See instructions below.

Papers can be transferred by anonymous ftp to (place in directory pub/incoming/bwhanks/13imr) or can be mailed to

Files transferred via anonymous ftp should be named as follows, to avoid collisions on the ftp site: names should start with the first authors last name, followed by a hyphen, followed by the last four digits of the author's phone number. Authors should send email to Byron Hanks ( with the paper title and file name immediately after placing it on the site.

Paper Format Requirements:

Papers should have original and significant contrbution in order to be accepted. Each accepted paper will be given a 25 minute presentation slot at the meeting. Accepted papers by authors who register to attend the conference will be published in the proceedings and will also be available on CD and on the IMR website. The proceedings are printed in black and white.

Papers should be 8-12 pages in length (9 point, two columns) and received by May 1, 2004. Only PDF files will be accepted electronically. (LaTeX, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker or text files will NOT be accepted). Final camera-ready papers not meeting formatting guidelines will not be accepted for publication in the proceedings.

Authors submitting papers will be notified of a decision on acceptance no later than June 15, 2004. Authors of accepted papers may submit updated papers through this webiste. However, camera-ready papers for the conference proceedings must be electronically submitted by July 15, 2004.

Questions regarding paper submission can be directed to any committee member.

Formatted Template Files for Acceptable Final Drafts:

Download Word Template
Download PDF Template

Download Latex Format (TEX)
Download Latex Format (BBL)
Download Latex Style
Download Latex Figure (eps format)
Download Latex Figure (pdf format)
Download Latex Bibliography
Download Latex Bibliography Style File
Download compilation of Latex Files

Copyright Policy:

The copyright for each IMR paper remains with the author(s). It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission(s) for inclusion of copyrighted materials in the paper(s).

By submitting a paper to IMR, the author(s) grant(s) the right to the IMR organizers to make the paper(s) available on the IMR web site and to include them on the CD-ROM proceedings which will be distributed to Conference attendees and to others after the Conference.

Any concerns, questions, or objections to this policy should be submitted to the IMR Committee no later than May 1, 2004.

PDF Conversion Instructions:

Latex to PDF and Additional PDF Support:

If using LaTeX, please refer to the following URL address:

Additional PDF Support can be found at:

More discussion about PDF fonts and Fine-Tuning your files can be found at:
1) PDF Font Strategies:
2) Fine-Tune Your PDF Files for Web or Print:

Converting to PDF and Embedding Fonts:

Once the abstract is prepared please convert the abstract to PDF format. All abstracts must be submitted in electronic form via the web. Only PDF files will be accepted. (LaTeX, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker or text files will NOT be accepted). Embed all fonts in the final PDF file, e.g., for Adobe Distiller, select "Job Options", and click "Embed Font"

If using Adobe Distiller:

If converting to PDF using Microsoft Word:

If using FrameMaker (Adobe Acrobat is usually installed/bundled with FrameMaker):

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