Speakers and Sessions

Monday, September 16

Welcome Address
Robert C. Richardson

Keynote Address
Anthony R. Ingraffea

Session 1A - Mesh Quality/Smoothing/Optimization
1a.1 - Polyhedral Mesh Optimization Using the Interpolation Tensor
S. Paoletti

1a.2 - A Comparison of Optimization Software for Mesh Shape-quality Improvement Problems
L. Freitag, P. Knupp, T. Munson, S. Shontz.

1a.3 - Optimization of Surface Mesh Quality Using Local Parameterization
R. V. Garimella, M. J. Shashkov, P. M. Knupp

1a.4 - Planar Quadrangle Quality Measures: Is There Really a Choice?
P. Pebay

Session 1B - Applications
1b.1 - Background Overlay Grid Size Functions
J. Zhu, T. Blacker, R. Smith

1b.2 - Fully Incremental 3D Delaunay Refinement Mesh
G. L. Miller, S. E. Pav, N. J. Walkington

1b.3 - Unstructured Mesh Generation for the Western North Atlantic Tidal Model Domain
S. C. Hagen, D. M. Parrish

1b.4 - Generating High Quality Meshes for Interactive Examination of Surface Quality on Car Bodies
G. Sussner, G. Greiner, R. Grosso

Plenary Session
1a - Invited Speaker - Herbert Edelsbrunner

1b - What is a Good Linear Element? Interpolation, Conditioning, and Quality Measures
J.R. Shewchuk

1c - Etree - A Database-oriented Method for Generating Large Octree Meshes
T. Tu, D. R. O'Hallaron, J. C. Lopez

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions: CAD Geometry Issues in Meshing, Surface Meshing, Volume Meshing, Mesh Quality, Software Issues in Meshing

Tuesday, September 17

Invited Speakers: Hugues Hoppe , and Dimitri Mavriplis

Session 2A - Quadrilateral /Hexahedral Meshing
2a.1 - Hexahedral Sheet Extraction
M. Borden, S. E. Benzley, J. F. Shepherd

2a.2 - Sculpting: An Improved Inside Out Scheme for All Hexahedral Meshing
K. Walton, S. E. Benzley, J. F. Shepherd

2a.3 - A 2.75 D Finite Element Model of 3D Fracture Network Systems
S. Moenickes, T. Taniguchi, R. Kaiser, W. Zielke

2a.4 - Hex-Layer: Layered All-Hex Mesh Generation on Thin Section Solids via Chordal Surface Transformation
W. R. Quadros, K. Shimada

Session 2B - Triangular/Tetrahedral Meshing
2b.1 - High Quality Compatible Triangulations
V. Surazhsky, C. Gotsman

2b.2 - Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralizations and Provably Good Boundary Recovery
J. R. Shewchuk

2b.3 - Parallel Delaunay Refinement: Algorithms and Analyses
D. A. Spielman, S-H. Teng, A. Üngör

2b.4 - Conforming Orthogonal Meshes
S. Balaven, C. Bennis, J. D. Boissonnat, M. Yvinec

Session 3A - Adaptivity
3a.1 - Conformal Refinement of All-Quadrilateral and All-Hexahedral Meshes According to an Anisotropic Metric
K-F. Tchon, J. Dompierre and R. Camarero

3a.2 - Adaptive Meshing for Cloth Animation
J. Villard, H. Borouchaki

3a.3 - Volume Mesh Adaptation with a Meshfree Surface Model
A. Rassineux, P. Breitkopf, C. Chappuis, P. Villon

3a.4 - Transient Mesh Adaptation Using Conforming and Non Conforming Mesh Modifications
J-F. Remacle, X. Li, M. Shephard, N. Chevaugeon

Session 3B - Geometry/Data Structures
3b.1 - A Concise Representation of Geometry Suitable for Mesh Generation
L. P. Chew, S. Vavasis, S. Gopalsamy, T-Y. Yu, B. Soni

3b.2 - Improved Imprint and Merge for Conformal Meshing
D. R. White and S. Saigal

3b.3 - Facet Based Surfaces for 3D Mesh Generation
S. J. Owen, D. R. White, T. J. Tautges

3b.4 - Overlay Grid Based Geometry Cleanup
J. Hu, Y. K. Lee, T. Blacker, J. Zhu

Panel Discussion

Wednesday, September 18

Session 4 - Surface Meshing
4a - An Anisotropic Mesh Parameterization Scheme
I. Guskov

4b - Mesh Generation on High-Curvature Surfaces Based on a Background Quadtree Structure
A. C. O. Miranda, L. F. Martha

4c - P-Version Mesh Generation Issues
X-J. Luo, M. S. Shephard, J-F. Remacle

4d - Multiple Intersections of Finite-Element Surface Meshes
W. M. Lira, L. C. G. Coelho, L. F. Martha

Session 5 - Hybrid Meshing
5a - Unstructured Mesh Generation for Viscous Flow Computations
Y. Ito and K. Nakahashi

5b - A Hybrid, Variational 3D Smoother for Orphaned Shell Meshes
N. Mukherjee

5c - Building Space-time Meshes Over Arbitrary Spatial Domains
J. Erickson, D. Guoy, J. M. Sullivan, A. Ungor

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