Birds-of-a-feather Sessions

11 IMR Birds-of-a-Feather Notes

The Birds-of-a-feather sessions bring together researchers with common interests to assess the state of particular meshing sub-topics. The goals include a review of progress during the past year, an assessment of current problems, and suggestions for future research.

BOF Topics:
CAD Geometry Issues in Meshing
CAD geometry continues to be a thorn in the side of meshing practitioners. This BOF session may include discussion of:

Surface Meshing
As last year's BOF pointed out, surface meshing doesn't mean 2D! The discussion about surface meshing may cover:

Volume Meshing
While some consider tet meshing to be a commodity item, hex meshing continues to pose challenges for researchers. This BOF may include discussion of:

Mesh Quality
Mesh quality can be the area in which the analyst has the most direct impact on the quality of the solution due to the fact that simple choice of analysis software sets the numerical algorithms and physical models. This BOF Session may include discussion of:

Software Issues in Meshing
As the field of meshing matures, the need to make meshing software easy to implement grows. This BOF may discuss topics related to the software infrastructure that supports meshing research:

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